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At first this might look wired!!!!!!!!! But this guy is going to answer all of your questions..........
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Capitalism is just make rich become richer and poor become poorer..haehh...
I did see the movie and I agree. As they say, "the true hurts."
It's a great documentary about what's going on..something that people think they know but not...example insurance policies in big companies..if something happen to you (dead, accident) they get the big check not even ur family....
Wow, I knew he was a sectarian, but he's pushing an agenda which is horribly, derisively proletariat. What his video is about is quite obviously not capitalism. It's corporatocracy. The difference? He's blaming the fire for burnt food.
+Marty Bluet i would never recomend anyone to watch the shock doc.... (although it is the truth but its told in a way that makes u lose ur self) however Micheal moore has a sense of humer and delivers the truth............
Marty bluet...i wonder if u ever lived in a comunist country ?
The "ism" doesn't matter much if the government fails the people. Poor people in a Communist nation are no better or worse off than poor people in a Democratic nation. Corruption is corruption and we tell ourselves we are supposed to be above all that. Obviously, we are not.
We have seen capitalism but we are yet to see communism. All those who call themselves communist countries are fake!
bush, you realize that as an absolute which denies human nature, full communism can never be realized, right? so totalitarian Marxism is the closest thing you will see. Meanwhile, capitalism is a theory of markets and has been going on for millennium - from tribal markets to modern Chinese communism. Like communism it's never the same in implementation. unlike communism it isn't fundamentally incompatible with civil freedom.
The closest I have ever seen to complete communism, in the aspect of an ancient system, were the early Christians, of whom in the Bible it states that they each gave according to their means and all received according to their needs.. Indeed, one famous passage there states that a couple who withheld of their wealth were consumed by fire.

OK, a bit of a stretch perhaps, but just as pure Democracy or pure Market Capitalism or pure Communism or whatever can not be attained, due to our nasty human habit of feeling as if we are never quite as equal or blessed with goods or human traits as others, jealously and greed will prevail over reason and satisfaction in many people. Think of the billionaires who still believe they must have more for some sort of security or need. or simply to have it all.

I agree that we Human Beings are not quite ready, and perhaps never will be, for a Utopian way of life. Maybe we need the struggle, and the social evolution that makes the weak submit to the strong. Or, maybe we will find a way to overcome our base human instincts and rise to a higher level. Time will tell, I believe. But I a remain basic pessimist when it comes to human interactions and perceived needs.

Too bad Moore is a 1% who invests in Halliburton and other capitalistic ventures to line his nest egg and lifestyle. No system is perfect but where else in this world can an immigrant land and build a life from next to nothing to 6 figure small empire bettering their families and associates for generations, if they work hard and stick with it?
Micheal Moore is an idoit
look i fail to understand one thing. where did all the money go? i give u example suppose u paid $ 100 for x no. of shares right and somebody received that money. my point is the money remains in the system. why we could not plough it back in the economy.
I saw this movie. It's pretty good.
If we lived the way President Franklin D. Roosevelt had planned out... Well, I can't give it away. You have to see the movie
So I don't get it. Does Micheal Moore not like Capitalism? He's surely taking advantage of it.
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