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love it absolutly love it... raising kids is very comlicated especially because we need to enable them to handle the mess we leave behind! power to the seriosly comitted parents of this world!
meh, kids these days will always be.
Too many parents forget that they are in charge and not the children. I've seen parents bargaining with their 3-year-olds to get them to stop crying.
So true. This can apply to the government as well.
One of my pet peeves, which is depicted in this post, is when parents walk around with their kids in a store and the kid is just screaming for no reason... They just like the sound. The child isn't crying, they're not in any kind of pain, not even throwing a temper tantrum. Just screaming and the parent just walks around ignoring it, like its the sound og heavenly bells or something. Seriously people? Yeah, i'm all for parents taking control of their kids, especially in public. Thank you to every parent out there who does so.
I have a bunch of pet peeves around child raising.  The current swing of the pendulum is for the child to have complete freedom.  This is wrong.  They need some structures, and they are searching for the answer to "where are the fence boundaries?"  Mommy and Daddy have to show them the limits.  At a very young age, distraction works wonders.  Give them something else to think about, and the old problem goes away.  When a little older, something like timeouts or loss of privileges is needed, because words do not work yet.  Eventually, sometimes taking longer than you'd think, words (explanation, reasoning, sharing goals, etc.) will take root and work.

If a kid is making a scene and it is after noon, it can be that they are simply tired.  Nothing else will work than a little nourishment and sleep.  Do not come to any conclusions about the effectiveness of any methods like distraction and timeouts when sleep has been the real need.
Parents had more Nos than yesses when I was young,and the spanking of children for training and discipline was the norm.All the people who disdain this as abuse,need only to look at today's kids and compare. Sometimes we progress and regress at the same time.I'll take parental control over child control anyday!!
Back in the day, our parents were okay (generally) when other parents disciplined us (within reason) when we got off track. Nowadays, one could get sued for telling a child other than their own to 'settle down'. Some say "It takes a Village." Other say "It takes a Parent." I believe both are truisms.
+Lyle Hardin , I would love it if a stranger talked it out with my kids if they were out of line! Being 4 and 5 they sometimes forget that they can be seen and heard by everyone around them. Parents disciplining them can become white noise where a stranger doing so would probably snap them out of their moods and make a lasting effect!
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