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Light and Motion is really good at the light part of bike lights, but kind of bad at the rest of it... I have two of their tail lights; on one the (non-replacable) battery just stopped working and it won't stay ON for more than 30 seconds, and on the other the switch failed and it won't turn OFF at all.

I really wanted to love L&M's lights when they arrived, and the optics are undeniably the best setup you can find for bike lights, but unfortunately I can't seem to justify the cost of their taillights especially with regards to these two failures within one week on lights less than 6 months old.

(Also, the mounts aren't great. I got used to the Vis 180 mount, but the Vis 180 Micro's mount is simply unreasonable to deal with. Takes way too long to get the light on and off.)

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Does anybody at +Bike Commuter Cabal know how helmet-mounted lights impact the effectiveness of the helmet in the event of a crash? 

Doing IRB paperwork and online training is sooooo fun....

"Federal reporting requirements for IRBs, investigators, and funding sponsors are confusing. Consequently, IRBs tend to develop their own idiosyncratic reporting requirements."

Long time, no see, Google+

Does anyone still use this thing?

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Attention people in Corvallis! Join us for the 2nd Annual Stack Overflow World Meetup Day!

My facebook account is temporarily unavailable... time to use Google+ for a few hours I guess!

Just set my brothers up with dual screens (got them a monitor for their upcoming birthday). They seemed a little bit confused at first, but seem to be quickly adjusting to and taking a liking to having the extra versatility.

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He's not making this up.

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