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The Full Moon within the Lunar Cycle, ( April 26th-May 25th) is a powerful time for shifting and releasing things that you need and want to clear from your life. Full Moon in Scorpio is an especially powerful "Transformer".

Tomorrow, May 10th at 10-11Am Pacific time, on Zoom I'll be taking a look at our Moon signs, and how to work with the energy and magic to energize every area of life. You can subscribe an get on the list. Once you get the login details, keep them handy for each month. The Zoom link reminds the same for each month.

Also, if you have a moment for reading, please check out my latest Blog for this month, on "Mapping the Moon", or if you prefer some listening time, I've posted my Lunar tips, (says April, but also covers part of May)

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hello and Happy March Moon,

I want to welcome everyone who has just come into the community, and send a big thank you to everyone who started with me awhile ago.

One of my intentions, as I approach my own "personal new year"with my B'day, March 11th ushering in the Full Moon in Virgo, is to connect more on social media. This is especially the case since my Tarot "Year Card" is the #6. In the Major Arcana this is known as the "Lovers" card. In Astrology it corresponds to the sign of Gemini, whose rulership is under the planet of communication, Mercury.

Even though the "Lovers" keyword in numerous Tarot decks would lead you think it has to do with romantic relationships, and in some instances it does, this card is more about clarity in communication. This card is about listening to the inner dialogue, and learning to make balanced choices. It also relates to establishing harmony and inner awareness of the sacred feminine and masculine aspects within one's self.

Another interesting thing with my #6, Gemini card, is that I have a bit of synchronicity going on. In my astrology chart my AC, ascendant is Gemini. So my "Year Card" is an important messenger. Maybe you want to find out more about your own AC, if so check out the my free 10-Day Mapping your Life With Astrology e-course,

Perhaps you too want to see if there's some synchronicity happening, and learn about your own "Year Card." Just this week my first Pull Pen Paint, lesson went live, where I bring a bit of tarot, astrology and numerology together. My lessons are part of a 5 week course hosted by the sparkling Kiala Givehand, with 11 other teachers who are offering a ton of fascinating material on Journaling with Tarot and Oracle cards.

There are some members of the SSI community who are already in the PPP class. They've started journaling and learning about their own "Year Cards, as well as beginning to learn about their "Lifetime" cards. .

It would be wonderful to have you join us for this wonderful adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

With Astro-Tarot Magic,


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Beyond Resolutions is almost here, 23 hours and counting.

Tomorrow December 9, 10AM-12:30 Pacific time, I'll be taking a deep dive into the power of creating energized intentions, for bringing dreams, desires and visions into manifestation.

In this workshop we are going to supercharge 2017. Here's the link to register and claim your seat.

Meanwhile, please check out my latest blog which talks about why learning to be a conscious creator of your intentions is so empowering.

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Just a last couple of days before my workshop that's happening on December 9th. "Walking the Wheel" through the 12 Houses. See you there.

Please check out my November Lunar Tips. Moon cycles are about the wisdom that is always available for life direction. You can find me at:

Also join me for some radio time with Tamara Childs, Thursday 8AM Pacific time on We'll be talking about way to find emotional ease during these stressful times. 

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Check out my September Lunar Tips.

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Love to have you join me on May 6, the New Moon, for Adventures in Astrology, as You walk your "Life Map".   Here's the perfect opportunity to learn how to use the energy, of your own unique "Map" to empower every aspect of your life.

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Hi Everyone,

Please join me  in this no- cost e-course adventure, "Walking the Wheel using Astrology to Understand Your Life Map".  Starting today, April 1st- April 11th  you will  receive daily email prompts. 

Today's welcome email is very important, because it contains key information that is needed for the entire "10- Day Challenge".  The class is sequenced starting  this starter email.

Even if your schedule is busy, busy, no worry.  Sign up today, and you can complete the course material at your leisure.

On  Tuesday, April 5th 10 to 11:15 AM Pacific Time,  I will  have a "Virtual Meet-up" on the Zoom Video chat.  I'll send the chat link out in a couple of days. 

Please tell  anyone who has been wanting to learn about Astrology that today is sign up day.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.  Click this link and sign up for the "Challenge".

See you soon.

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