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Simon Hughs

Just got drunk off whipped cream.

Currently less than 15 people participating in Occupy Denver. I didn't even think there was an Occupy Denver until we were driving past it. Way to go guys, the cops won't even know what hit them.

So, I met a guy who sells full sticks of butter deep fried.
Seriously, WTF?

Searching Pixiv for some Klonoa hentai. I find one of Klonoa dead and sliced up into like 5 pieces. The pic wasn't really so horrifying until I read the title.

So I got a call yesterday.
Some guys were casting for a porno, and they wanted me, thinking I was Ron Jeremy. No joke.
I said I wasn't interested, and he said "are you sure? it's $10,000 for a 30 min shoot!"
I almost reconsidered.

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Something no one wants to see, My face IRL. So I dug up a picture, the creepiest one I could find. This pic is not shopped btw.

I am so sick of Microsoft's bullshit. A computer is essentially a really fast calculator, and what we do with that is our decision to make.
My TI-84 is running MirageOS so I can play games in class, just as my laptop is running Debian so I can make use of it despite being obsolete. A computer is a tool for anyone to use anyway that they please and for any reason, we don't have to use Windows if we don't want to.
Don't let Microsoft ruin this with the UEFI Secure Boot.

Just got a TI-84+, now I've got new programming toys!

Turns out I have one friend who doesn't suck! At a drunk ass party right now! :D
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