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New additions. :)

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I have a question regarding Retrofit.  I use it in many of my personal apps and love it's simplicity.  At work, it was decided that we needed to roll our own REST client.  The biggest reason for that was because of how screen orientation would tear down activities and any API call that was in transit wouldn't come back successfully.  This I/O talk from 2010 describes the issue and how to solve it (  Personally, I didn't think this was an issue that necessitated rolling our own REST client, but hey, nobody else agreed.

So, I'm curious, does Retrofit handle this scenario?  I'm just looking for a reason to scrap our REST client for something easier to use that benefits from being open source.

I thought Hangouts was going to replace my SMS app. Has that not happened yet or is it a 4.4 feature?

So annoyed that Google and Verizon can't work together.  Time to go back to iPhone?

Could we really see the Nexus 5 this week? I'm doubtful, and even if we do even more doubtful that it will be available on Verizon. 

/kicks the dust off

Is this thing still on?

Am I the only person who doesn't think a new Nexus phone is coming this year?
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