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#Dream40 - Been there, done it, bought the girdle.
#Dream40 - Been there, done it, bought the girdle.

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This is the most beautiful exploration into the delicate workings of the human soul ever conceived. I’m crying, and I will flatten the face of anyone isn’t moved by its innocent honesty. Love each other or I will squash your faces like a bucket of over ripe tomatoes. #dream40

I returned to the woods in search of the feral nuns, but there were no nuns. Well not none, there was one nun. Not just an ordinary nun. The Abbess herself, which is like a nun on steroids. I took the lead and she took it’s handle. She dominated me like blackness governs the night. I am reborn. Volumina, I am a sinner. I am a beast, cage me in your astringency. #dream40

See? A love story without a lion is like a party without good old game of sticky belly flop about. What’s the point? #dream40

I’ve just vomited again, I’m definitely horny. #dream40

Everything looks fabulous, I'm so excited I could slap a bull and call it Henry. And Henry would be my friend, but if Henry ever crossed me. I would render him unconcious and throw him in the sea. I'm very excited, I'm very excited. #dream40

The table linins are yellow. YELLOW? At a wedding? Who’s getting married, a telly tubby and a carebare? #dream40

The bride looks lovely” lovely? She looks radiant, her beauty would dazzle the sun and blind the stars. As for Theseus, his magnificent form would deliquesce the heart of medusa herself. I really can’t tell if I’m nauseous or horny. #dream40

Theseus and Hippolyta have fallen in love again today. My heart swelled so much I accidentally punched a horse. Sleep well my equine friend, you are merely dizzied by love …and concussion. #dream40

I’m so happy I could vomit …Oops, there we go …and again …Again? …Nope were done. #dream40

Everything is in order. My heart is beating like a beehive in a bongo. Everything is okay, I have the rings. I’m sweating like a sow on ecstasy. WHERE IS MY SPEECH? I can’t feel my face …This is the best day of my life. #dream40  
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