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What kind of music do I make? The kind you didn't know you liked - until you heard it.
What kind of music do I make? The kind you didn't know you liked - until you heard it.

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Trump's immigrant crime hotline trolled with calls about aliens and UFOs.
That's one conspiracy theory Trump has not yet embraced!

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United Kills A Bunny
United Airlines's announced on Wednesday an investigation into the death of a giant rabbit which was being transported on one of its planes.

It was reported that Simon was the 10-month-old son of the world's largest rabbit - a 1.3m-long continental giant rabbit called Darius - and was expected to have grown larger than his father.

US Department of Transportation figures show that in 2015, the most recent data available, US airlines reported 35 animal deaths.

Of those, 14 deaths were on United flights, with a further nine creatures injured. Across the year, United carried 97,156 animals, meaning there were 2.37 incidents for every 10,000 animals transported during the period.

That was the highest rate seen on any US airline, according to the data.

Meet Darius, father the bunny United killed.

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The Spice Must Flow
Retail sociologists study the behavior of men and women shopping in stores, malls and now online. However, it's not enough to understand the behavior of consumers. It's necessary to understand the behavior of the venues where we shop. Smart consumers comparison shop (something easier to do when on-line). increasingly, on-line retailers are comparison shopping us. Writing in this month's Atlantic magazine, Jerry Unseem gives one example of a business comparison shopping consumers.

"As Christmas approached in 2015, the price of pumpkin-pie spice went wild. It didn’t soar, as an economics textbook might suggest. Nor did it crash. It just started vibrating between two quantum states. Amazon’s price for a one-ounce jar was either $4.49 or $8.99, depending on when you looked. Nearly a year later, as Thanksgiving 2016 approached, the price again began whipsawing between two different points, this time $3.36 and $4.69.

How, and why, are retailers like Amazon doing this? Read "How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All."

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The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’
Red Pill is a weird cult for men who don't understand women. Not ironically, the founder of the largest online forum for the Red Pill cult is a Republican lawmaker in New Hampshire. His anonymous online identity and secretive activities have just been uncovered by some excellent detective work by the website, The Daily Beast.

The basic Red Pill philosophy is that female oppression is a myth and men are the ones holding the short end of the stick. The philosophy is upheld by the experiences of these men in attracting women. In general, they are failures or dishonest pick-up artists.

Their difficulty may be more than just being socially inept when it comes to women. Their sexist attitudes may also be a turn-off. The Red Pill community holds that men and women are inherently different due to evolution. Because of this, each gender should carry out its designated role in society. For example, females should raise children at home and men should work and have sex with women. In other words, they are men who fail in an authentic relationship but expect to excel as a leader simply by virtue of owning a penis.

Sorry boys. It doesn't work that way.

Read more about the Red Pill community here:

Read about the outing of the founding Red Pill failure of a man in the attached article.

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Trump’s ‘sanctuary city’ order blocked by federal judge in San Francisco

Of course, it was.

"Sanctuary cities’ officials [say] that they do not have the legal authority to hold a person after a judge in a criminal case has ordered that person released.

Holding people on immigration offenses is generally a civil process, rather than a criminal one."

U.S. Supreme Court decisions prohibit states or cities from being coerced into action by the federal government with a financial "gun to the head." That's the language of Chief Justice John Roberts in the 2012 Affordable Care Act case.

Federal officials also can't "commandeer" state officials to do their work for them under a 1997 decision involving gun purchases under the Brady Act.

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Man lived above Japanese toilet for three years.
OK, I've got some questions.

"A man has been arrested in Japan after he was discovered living in the loft above a public toilet."

"A local authority employee who accompanied police said that the squat was "neat and tidy" with a gas stove, electric heater and clothing. The only blot on the unwelcome lodger's copybook was 500 plastic bottles which appeared to be full of urine, police say."

500 bottles of urine? He lived above the toilets for god's sake!

"He moved in after a previous occupant left, he told police."

I wonder what the turnover is like in public toilet lofts?

"In 2013, a Chinese woman was found to have lived in a hole in the ground in Beijing for 20 years, using the toilets at a nearby park for water and washing facilities. She was evicted and her hole filled with concrete,"

Filled with concrete? Because she was totally unable to dig a hole in the ground right next to the old one?

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I want to see them wheel his coffin down the aisle with the bride.

Instead of Paying For A Wall, Maybe Mexico Can Help Pay For American's Healthcare
During the campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for a border wall. Mexico, of course, will not. So Trump is turning to the U.S. taxpayer. He is threatening to withhold payments needed to fund Obamacare unless Congressional Democrats approve spending our tax funds on Trump's wall.

There is just one problem. Obamacare now enjoys an almost 50 percent approval rating. Approval for the wall is at just 31 percent. Trump's approval rating has been and continues to be at record lows. Trump is trying to work out a deal with no leverage. He needs to rethink this, and come up with a better plan.

Perhaps Mexico would be more willing to pay for American's health care - or at least help advise us in how to administer a single-payer system. Mexico, like much of the developed world, has a single-payer healthcare system. In 2012, the Harvard School of Public Health reported on the success of Mexico's effort to implement universal healthcare.

"Despite periods of economic downturns and crisis, Mexico recently achieved a significant milestone – enrolling 52.6 million previously uninsured Mexicans in public medical insurance programs and thereby achieving universal health coverage in less than a decade."

As of April 2912, “every Mexican, regardless of their socioeconomic situation, has access to the financial protection in health that shields them from facing the terrible choice between impoverishment and suffering or even death.”

It's been noted that“The quest for universal health coverage has and will produce important lessons not only for Mexico, but also for other high and lower income countries.”

That's the kind of expertise America needs.

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Class. No class.
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What part of "Mexico will pay for the wall" doesn't Trump understand? Every time Trump pushes for the US taxpayer to pay for the wall, it should get 10 feet shorter, right?

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