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Party hip hop vibes!

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Anyone else have any views...?
Hi +JR Raphael​, hoping you can spare me 5 minutes to help...?

I'm after a new toy - currently have a Note 4, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 (2012). I've long been a Nexus guy, so the Note was a leftfield decision, but pleasing given I wanted the screen, battery and camera. Would prefer stock, but heh...

The big screen also means a 7" tablet is not much use to me now, so I tend to go for the 10, but I'm feeling its age now. Having read your review of Dell's 10" offering, I'm almost convinced. And then I read glowing reviews of Sony's Z4. Love the idea of the keyboard, so these 2 look great.

And here's the crazy part. Should I leave the tablets alone and go Pixel 2? My Asus Windows 8 laptop frustrates me more and more, and I'm considering a move to Chrome OS having read all of your related articles.

I'd love it all, but have to choose - and hope a wise man can help...!

Thanks in advance for any advice you can share.

Why do some of my videos shot with the N5 get stuck 'processing' meaning I can't upload...?

Can't find any answers on the web - can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

Anyone have any ideas how to get the 'OK Google' feature working on my home screen? The feature is definitely turned on in Google Now settings...!

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Nice game!

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