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Coffee that is my business
Coffee that is my business
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We have a big announcement: Ready. After much thought and prayer we have taken the decision that Ferra Coffee will not be sold in any grocery stores in the USA. Ferra Coffee will only be sold through our commercial clients who will be licence to retail our bags of freshly roasted coffee in their establishments. 
We have taking this decision because the quality and freshness of our products and representation of our partner growers is so important to us. 
A bag of coffee in a grocery store can be there for weeks or more since it has been roasted, there is so many choices and the companies who are giants and have millions of dollars to pay for the best placement on shelf will always have priority for those retailers regardless of the quality of the product. Therefore we want you our clients to always have the best of the coffee world, the freshest, and highest quality. We want to make sure we always fulfilled the promise we made the growers that we work with that we will represent them well. So if you want to purchase our product here is a list of licence clients where you can purchase our coffee from.
Culinary Institute of America
Sandy Oaks Olive Orchard 
Earl Ables Restaurant
Topaz Confectioneries
The Hyatt Hill Country Resort
The Olli Hotel
Joel's BBQ
Romo's Cafe
El Naranjo Restaurant 
To name a few and of course through our website at

If you are a restaurant owner or Chef and would like to serve the highest quality and freshest coffee at a competitive price point any where in the USA give us a call we love to be your preferred coffee purveyour.

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Ferra Coffee is proud to be a part of the Hyatt family. Thank you for the opportunity.

So excited to announce our news't clients whom we are honored that they choose us as their coffee roaster. Renown Chef Iliana de la Vega and her husband Ernesto Torrealba are the owners of El Naranjo the best and most authentic Mexican Restaurant with foods that highlight the region of Oaxaca, Mexico. With direction from Ernesto we created one of the best espresso blends that we have ever tasted. And in their honor we are naming this blend El Naranjo de Oaxaca. This blend is the perfect cup for the rich flavors of their amazing menu. It is an elegant and flavorful cup with hints of dark chocolate, citrus and smooth vanilla bean. Not what your usual espresso shot taste like. This Espresso Shot is a kiss of silk and elegance in your pallet. Can you tell I'm in love. We will release it soon for sale. And if you are in the Austin Area or will be visiting Austin El Naranjo is a must in your schedule of places to visit.

Getting done a lot of work doing pricing studies making sure we are in market and we are covering all our expenses you really don't think about this when you have your own business but this is something that requires a lot of your time.

Getting ready to go teach at Texas A&M a workshop. Title of Workshop coffee profiles and coffee and food pairing. It's going to be great.

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Almost finish with new blog of coffee defects it will blow your mind.
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