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So what's the hold up?

We get that asked quite a bit these days, it's about time we shed some light on that and tell y'all what's up.

We posted a sneak peek video of the app in March, that was around the time we had an idea where we're going with the app. A couple of weeks after that we were disappointed to find out that we wouldn't be able to publish Paid apps to Google Play from UAE. The project then was put on a state of hiatus for the period of April-May.

We were told that Google IO12 would have announcements for new countries that could publish paid apps through Google Play, but that still hasn't happened.

Now, all that have hand-in-hand demotivated the project and the slow downs were basically buying time and having the project in a state of uncertainty.

So, we finally decided to make it a free app. Yep, a premium free app. No Ads(we believe that Ads cripple the experience no matter how efficiently done, it's just wrong on an app that users use all day long). Going free, doesn't mean watering the app down, but a mean to get the app that we've been working on for a long time, designs that went through endless iterations and tweaking to be experienced out there by our eager friends who've been waiting for months.

We announced that we'd have a public beta out on the week of July 7th, but we failed to deliver, badly.

We're shooting for an official Google Play submission on the week of July 22nd, and that ain't gonna' be a Beta, but "the" V1.

Our good friends on the alpha list will get Beta builds before we publish the final version on the week of 22nd.

List of countries that can publish paid apps:
Currently, developers in the below countries may register as Google Checkout merchants and sell paid applications: Argentina* Australia Austria Belgium Brazil* Canada Czech Republic
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Where can I donate? Your hard work should be rewarded! 
Any other option for deserve compensation.
Or make it a trial period until play allows UAE apps?

I'm stoked for a beta version after alpha testing for so long....hope I get to see it in next few days before it goes out.

Get ready will be worth the wait!
You guys should do something like twicca supporters. 
Good luck to you all. As a former Carbon for Windows user you will always have my support! Long live Carbon!
But we're gonna get beta for tests?
Awesome news. If there is a way for people to donate $, you should put that out there. In my experience, most people don't seem to mind paying for something that is useful to them, and it's unfortunate that you have to suffer for shortfalls that are out of your control.
Just include a donation option. I am more than willing to donate. Your WebOS app was awesome.
I've been excited and still since the twitter account created.. I hope the day will come And it'll be 22 of July
I will happily donate. You've been hard at work and should be rewarded for your hard work!
I have to say I am quite stunned. What else has changed beside the price tag ? I think we would love to reward your hard labor
Make a Paypal account and just provide the link in the app somewhere so people can donate. Looking forward to testing this baby out. Thanks for the update!
remember guys In app purchase aren't allowed either,, not all but some donation methods cant be used....
Under the app settings add a link that directs to paypal for donations. $$$
I would love to donate. But if you can avoid paypal it would be better
from here to 22 is a long period of time :(
I would love to donate, your windows phone app is superb and I know the Android version will be well worth any cost. Could you possibly make it ad supported, but with an in app purchase option to remove the adds. Possibly avoid the play store issue that way?
Please have a donate button. Crazy they don't support paid apps in the UAE.
+Ryan Ulanowicz we can buy paid apps(that was enabled a couple of months ago) but still can't publish paid apps as Google Checkout Merchant accounts are still not supported for UAE.
God, why can't you just put a free apk on a website or something for us to play with. -.- I guess I'm just going to wait longer..
Do what UberSocial and do a server based registration and authentication system. The worked great for them and allowed for a free and paid version. You all need to be compensated
Lost PayPal donate links. I think devs can learn from Louise C.K.
How are u going to make any money and dedicate resources into improving the app?? thats why ios has the best apps so maybe u could make carbon for ios instead.
Are we gettin beta or something before July 22?
Its just very bad for business, first fragmentation and now no one can make any money so why bother?  dont get me wrong I have an android phone but I'm tired of no updates and abandoned apps.
How can I get on the alpha list right now? I need this today 
Thank you guys for all your hard work! Can't wait to try the app out!
I understand. That's really what I meant but I was actually under the assumption that they went hand in hand. Still can't find a 4.0+ Twitter client I like. I'd gladly donate some money.
I'd love to donate because you guys are working so hard to bring a flawless product to us.
+Carbon for Android there's any way to get in the alpha list now? I heard about the app a couple months ago and didn't know about the list
Thanks for the update. Can't wait! I'll be glad to donate.
You guys are great... I feel so bad about there not being any way for you to be paid.

If you can't do anything through Google, perhaps you would consider putting up a PayPal page (or something similar)? That way we could donate. I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Anyway congrats for the AWESOME work, you guys deserve more than that, I'm sure that people will donate enough to make you guys happy. From all the previews/screen shots/sneek peeks we all can see that this is gonna be (probably) the most amazing twitter client on google play, the lack of great twitter clients on android is big and you guys are turning this over, so thanks...and good luck! 
Great work deserves rewards irrespective of location. Hope you can get a donation system set up :-)
UAE represent! Haha, bummer about Google playing spoilsport. But, hey, at least I can purchase apps from within UAE now so, maybe a solution for you guys is right around the corner. Good luck!
Throw a donate button in the settings somewhere and you've got me sold. :)
Very cool...will definitely donate after I check it out.
I can't wait!! I created a list on Twitter for apps I'm waiting on to come to android and Carbon has had me watching for months! Thank you and sorry about the Paid Apps deal. Please include a donate button :)
Set a suggested donation. People should get paid for their hard work 
Thanks for the heads up. As for the money side of it. I'd be more than happy to send some money your way in the form of a donation.
Thank you, guys. Do include a link for donations, please
Guess you can have a donate button somewhere or else follow what Twicca is doing. You definitely deserve to be a Paid app. Hope Google is listening.

Ah July 22nd looks soooo far from 14th.
Yeah how to get on the alpha list? Does it count that I am a paid customer in WP7? ;-)
Please create a "Donate" option in there somewhere. If it's as good as the video promises to be, I'm sure there are a number of us that would love to support good dev's. Can't wait. Thanks!
And why did you changed Layout? You don't explain this. I was really said when I heard, that the layout of sneak peek isn't the layout the app know has.
+Christoph Wolff I talked to a friend of mine who is an alpha tester and he told me that the design was changed a couple of time. Seems the design is mostly structured like the rest of the Holo Twitter Apps... Don't know if true, but the pictures is saw doesn't looked like the great design thing I saw in sneak peak.
The most important thing that your application was not advertising, or button is a reward to turn it off. The button should be grateful in any case, because I'm going to do it. Thank you.
+Android Please support paid apps, magazines, books and movies in UAE. People out there wanna use the full version of +Google Play .. You are holding some developers back there from creativity!!

+Carbon for Android please add a donation button/ link to support your app
Ian Hex
If you can't publish paid apps, provide a donation Iink. If this app is of High Quality that it seems it will be, I'd happy donate cash monies.
Just to get this straight. You are able to maintain a free app on Android and you withdraw a paid app from webOS, right? You must be joking.
Take a look at Ubersocial App for Android - they've implemented their own payment and licensing thing. Might also be a solution for your app.
+Carbon for Android  Can you not enable a system that can be paid via PayPal and receive an unlock code for premium features?

At first LauncherPro used this system for their premium version.

Sorry for the Google translation
+Christoph Wolff just contact them, they have great support. Usually just takes 1-2 days. You can also force a license check in the settings.
I wasn't happy having to pay, but this decision, I'll donate for sure
Great move to make it free. But totally concur with a wise suggestion. Set a suggested price (the price you would have set if it had been paid) and I will gladly donate. I don't want to shortchange you, but as a student, I don't have the kind of money to pay $10 for a twitter client either. Let us know how we can help, and we will!
Also, if I can get on that Alpha list, I would love to donate double hahaha. My birthday is on the 19th, any chance I can get it then? Hahah.

Other than that. Great work guys, can't wait.
As a previous user of your client, on webos, I would love to donate something for it, because the previous one was great.
Agreed I would donate for a decent twitter app
Love the support. Ever since I moved from iPhone, no client (IMO) lived up to tweetbot. I think this will...please put a link for donation in the app. Will gladly help you great devs!
I bought Carbon for WebOS a couple of years ago, so I'm looking forward to this version
A PayPal donate link will get plenty of hits, don't worry. You've built enough demand for this app that if only the commenters to this thread decide to donate $2 you'd have over 100USD. I know I plan to donate if this is as awesome as the hype suggests.

Anyway, thanks for the transparency and this update. I was honestly thinking this would end up becoming vapor ware. Glad to see you have some fight left in you, +Carbon for Android. +Boid for Twitter (Beta) had better watch out!
+Carbon for Android Isn't there a way for you to register a company in another country where it's allowed and publish it from an account linked to that company? I know some Swedish devs did that before selling/buying paid apps was allowed here.
Such a shame but good for us. Thank you
Set up a Kickstarter–faster development for Android, backers get free copies of Carbon on other platforms along with access to alpha and beta builds.
You'll have my donation as well. Can't wait to have this on my Gnex.
We understand your pain guys, the same situation is present here in India :|
I'll echo the donate comments - would be happy to kick in a few bucks for a fantastic twitter app for Android. Even more for a first rate tablet app (sorely lacking on Android - I'm not a fan of Plume's implementation).
Please add a paypal donation button i will be glad to contribute.
I'm looking forward to trying this out, and I hope they push for you guys to publish apps soon for a price. I hate to see such talent go unrewarded.
I want an answer from +Carbon for Android , first want to know if you can set up a donation account and second would like to know if its true that changes had made so carbon looks different now from the sneak peak in the video.

Thank you
Jason H
Can't wait. This looks to be an amazing app. I'm disappointed with all other Twitter apps. I'm bummed the beta didn't get pushed out, but hopefully in 5 days we'll have the best Twitter client to ever be on Android.
Carbon will be release just for ICS or Gingerbread will be included?
Been anticipating it for months. I'm so happy!
Make a way to donate, and you will be rewarded, maybe not as much, but better than nothing.

Throw money at the screen right now! :P
Donations do work a bit. Not as much as paid apps but in the case of my app I was getting about 10% of what I got from paid app, which is actually still decent. I'd definitely give a little something if donation could be easily made.
Kun Li
+1000 for tablet support
This is awesome guys thanks for the work and being willing to release your hard work for free, definitely give us a way to donate I for one would love to support you.
I'd donate. Looks great. Keep going, you've done a great job so far.
So will we be seeing Carbon in the app store tomorrow? Or are we going to be waiting a bit longer?
When will it come?? It's already 23 in half of the world..And will it support GB?
Its gonna be out this week everybody.. I'm pretty excited lol
As Sunil says ^^^^   "Google Play submission on the week of July 22nd"  i.e. It's being submitted to Google Play this week. Not available.
Eric, as they are giving you it for free, perhaps a little patience is in order?  AND WHY THE SHOUTING? 
If the final product is close to what that demo video shows, then this might get me to read my tweets again.  Kinda lame of me, but this app really excites me!
And just to clarify, when someone says "The week of the 22nd." that could mean the 22nd or the 23rd or the 24th or the 25th or the 26th or the 27th or the 28th...CHILL PEOPLE! :-)
Why fooling self? "week of July 22nd" Either you say Week 22nd or you say July, not both together. Its delayed thats it
Maybe as its being submitted this week and they don't know how long that process will take? Two days, two weeks. Who knows...
+Nitish Kumar just forget about it until August and then you should be good to go.  By the way, complaining about a free product that should not be free does nothing to help the process or gain favors from the devs.  And I'm looking at the rest of you complainers too!
I am looking forward to this gem - I am sure it will be awesome for sure! :)
+Chuck Kuykendall If being free was meant for no commitments then Google etc were good to go. 

For serious note, the comment wasn't towards the awesome developers, but the crowd making absurd assumptions meaning of the clear statement. Again, I am still not sure where they call it July 22nd as 22nd week of year.

My comment is a fact.
Fact: Delayed.
It being delayed won't be a fact unless it is released after this week. I reiterate, the week of July 22nd could mean anytime between July 22nd and July 28th. Now I'm all out of troll food, and I just bought a big bag too!
+Chuck Kuykendall Just one day more to end the assumptions. I would be kind to allow that one day to pass as well. Today is 27th.
It's Friday and I doubt you work weekends ;-) press the publish button :-)
+Timothy Cozart We are just waiting for the next great Twitter app. I'm sure the app will be released today or tomorrow. If it's next week, then 'week of July 22' is wrong. Devs could have easily said, within the next few weeks and avoided the angst!
If I remember correctly, they said their weeks start on Sunday and end on Friday so technically the week of the 22nd is over. Unless they are referring to US weeks.
hopefully within the next few hours. You know what they say about releasing stuff on Friday afternoons
Might be postponed.I'll check for it next week.There's one out now call Tweet Lanes.
If it were me, I would put up a post saying that we are delaying release, not because it isn't ready, but because our G+ followers were acting like tools. Grow up kids.
+Blake Mitchell Well if you are a company and you announce a release date or week and don't deliver, you will get heckled for it. Think about how many times manufacturers say ICS will be available on this day and then it is delayed. 

Now, Carbon still has the rest of today and tomorrow to make good on their delivery date.
I don't think people are bothered so much that the app isn't out yet, it's the total lack of communication and updates from the developer. And then, when there is some communication because people have complained long enough, we receive an ETA that gets broken.

What does that say about the devs? Can we expect the same lack of interaction and development when the app is released? Because unless there's a drastic change in the social aspect of Carbon, I for one won't be using the app past the honeymoon stage. I'll go back to an app that's updated often and where the developers listen to their users.

I for one appreciate some transparency from developers. People here feel like they're getting the run-around, plain and simple.
Agree +Rob Jones . One of the reasons why the Boid and Tweet Lanes are popular is because of the devs fast development and open communication. Don't get the same sense with Carbon
+Rob Jones +Derek Duncan There are tons of questions and messages that we're now getting on Twitter and here, while concentrating on finalizing the app, it's quite hard to attend to all while we're fully focused on delivering. We're doing our best, we're tweeting every other day, we have a bit of shortcomings in the app that we're addressing, as we really don't want to deliver anything that comes short in terms of quality. The release will be V1, we'd rather have it delayed a day or three rather than getting you an app that is not polished.

We've been answering on different channels, Twitter, and here on comments as much as time allows, but a few have been posting and tweeting misleading tweets about our progress and intentions, some with trolling and negativity. For example, we still didn't postpone(it could be likely though) and we got some who assumed that, and spread that instead. 

Is there uncertainty in delivering on time? Yes, but we're deep into our code and testing. Yes, we do come short in terms of communication at this point as we're full force on coding and trying to deliver the product, honestly, the volume of messages that we receive is nothing like any of our other apps and it is tough to communicate with each and every one of you awesome folks at this time. Once we get our heads out of code and building the product's v1, we'll have a lot more bandwidth for getting in touch and addressing all your concerns.

We're trying to make sure the wait was worth while, and under the pressure of highest expectations of you folks, and want to deliver on the same level. We're getting there...
+Carbon for Android I hear what you guys are saying, and I really do appreciate what strain you must be under. The concerns I voiced are only concerns though and I'm not accusing the dev team of anything sinister. I hope what you said in your last paragraph comes true, and that you will be very hands-on developers. We're all still very much looking forward to seeing Carbon on Android.
I really appreciate the feedback. I do hope that +Carbon for Android knows that the reason we all are posting is because we long for this app dearly! I've been counting down the days. I am confident your release will be excellent. And I hope the communication continues, as well as a way to donate since you cannot charge for your app.
Appreciate your efforts in getting a release that's complete rather than an app that needs constant updates but even so the pain of waiting hurts :-P
А настоящие посоны за базар отвечают...))))))))))))
Anxiously waiting for the new twitter client :)
Today should be the day! If it's not today, then it would be officially delayed in my book!
Can't wait for the app to be released!
We're all waiting patiently, can't wait to get it in my hands
I agree with others that said you should have a donate button. Android users do like to give back to the devs and clearly your work does deserve it. A lot would be willing to donate money. :-)
Come on guys. Its not your salary they delaying. Be patient.
Take your time. A free app with this quality is worth the wait ;)
Look forward to trying this when it comes out.
4th of August.. isn't that your weekend in Dubai?
Well, yes. It is now much ado about nothing
+Vincent Macaluso yeah I'm with you. I was excited for this app but that ship has sailed. It will be out when it's out I guess.