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We have a new trick for refreshing our Timelines, this is why pull-to-refresh is not our choice.
M.Saleh Esmaeili originally shared:
Why Pull-To-Refresh is not for Android nor for Windows Phone UI.

Let's start with what pull-to-refresh actually is. It's a pattern for interacting with list of data in Mobile apps where user pulls or drags down the list past the top list item and list starts refreshing or fetches new items to be added to the list.

Now, that makes sense in iOS as the Scrollers and List components have the bouncy effects at both ends. In WP7 the effect is different, the effect used is a shrinking mechanism where the list or scrolled item gets shrinked while pulling or dragging down. In Android on the other hand it is dramatically different and as there is no scrolling past the top or bottom positions. In Android the effect applied to indicate reaching the top or bottom positions is a Holo color that grows on top of the list/scroller as user scrolls past the extreme points.

The nature of Android and WP7 UIs are more of Solid in terms of look and feel along with Interactivity which lead them to becoming reluctant to bouncy and natural experiences. And that's not anything negative, it's just the way every system is designed and performs based on the philosophies of its designers.

A great indicator for why designers/devs should not implement pull-to-refresh in the style iOS apps do is how Google and their teams never use pull-to-refresh on Android while they do use it in iOS. Even in their Web versions of Mobile apps. A great example is Google Apps and the best in our case should be Google Plus where there is pull-to-refresh in the iOS version of the app and it takes absence in the Android version.

Now this shouldn't be a show stopper or a sign for interaction/UX designers to come up with their own newly made gestures and new techniques to design an equivalant experience. But, don't get elastic or get the exact iOS experience to Android or WP7, it's just dead wrong. I could see the sad face +Matias Duarte and his team would have every time someone does that in an Android app.

Oh, and we have an interesting equivalent effect designed for our upcoming app +Carbon for Android that we'll share soon. Follow Carbon updates for the coming video that will illustrate our new refresh gesture.