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And our first full app peek, promise, this is the last one, it IS taking forever to get this angry hawk out, but it's been hard working on our first Android app. So there it is, check it out... the last peek ever... mind the video quality :)
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That is looking awesome! When can I get hands on this beast?
Wow. Huge upgrade since I last used carbon on WebOS I can't wait. So much to learn. Will there be a post to Facebook option?
Wow this is spectacular! I've been using Carbon since it was a little beta on my Palm Pixi, and I got it for my touchpad the day it came out! I don't think my Droid X2 is ever going to get ICS sandwich though, so I'm a bit SOL.
+Robert Krauss the difference would be the layout and design of the app. To me plume isn't very appealing. Loads of options in carbon. Right now the closest thing to carbon on WebOS for me is. Twicca. I'm a power twitter using and I can do everything possible on it.
This looks awesome. Loving the eye-candy transformations! :-)
Looks good! I hope it's got great list management like tweekdeck cause if it does I might just switch...
Wow, this looks awesome. Not sure if +Carbon for Android will have a version for folks stuck with Ginger Bread [or below].
Right now I use Twicca, which has a bit clunky UX, but is wonderful with lot of power features.
Twitter should take cues from these 2 apps on how to make the apps more engaging and powerful. Official Twitter client for Android is bland and pretty lame. And also, they dont follow Android Design guidelines. Very unfortunate.
I love the way the app switch users, can't wait to test it.
Are you taking volunteers for the alpha test?
ANOTHER Twitter app? While this one looks very cool, we're going to need a DEFINITIVE Twitter app soon, before we're inundated...
Cram some push notifications in here, ad you will win the hearts of every twitter-using Android-phone owning person. Pure awesome!!!
Beautiful! Thank you so much for investing your time into Android to make beautiful applications that would even make iOS users envious!
I still haven't found an ICS ready Twitter client that suits me, looking forward to this.
I'd love to beta test for you guys! I do Android development as well...
This looks amazing. Will you have a free and a paid-version or will you only offer a paid option? I'm having a problem here Germany, due to the lack of a credit card.
I'd also like to volunteer for alpha or beta testing!!
Scott M
I'm throwing money at the screen, and nothing is happening. That looks awesome guys!
I have to agree with +Steve Garon. Pretty much all that matters to me at this point is list management. Right now, TweetDeck is the only one that is doing lists right - provide competition there and you're onto something. I would love an alternative, especially one with better design chops, but anything else is unnecessary.
I'll pre-pay for this app in exchange for access to alpha/beta/whatever. Tired of the current Twitter apps sucking. =)
Simply awesome
Can not wait for alpha!
Will there be different font sizes? Tweetcaster has a neat feature, you can scale font from 0% to 300% . Do not delay alpha lol maybe add it in future updates?
I was told i can get alpha, but as stated above,i would prepay for this app. I always use twitter anyway. Looking forward to this!
True...tried boid...but lacking features, mainly push which is huge.
Nice design though, but this seems so much better in design and larger images which makes it unique.
Per-tweet notifications enabled for specific lists, please! Would definitely help me use twitter more, now that I don't have my webOS phone with Carbon :/
This looks promising. Looking forward to it. Hopefully it has support for Emojis. Kinda sucks when most of the people you follow use iPhone and always use emojis.
I can't wait. A lot better than anything out there.
looks good. it'll fit right in with my current theme.
Looks amazing. The UI looks beautiful. applause
Just to confirm.... Carbon will run just on ICS devices? Any plas for a port for GB devices?
Great app for the new ICS, keep it up and hope for more such quality app!
This looks awesome! I might just have to start re-using Twitter thanks to this app! Hope it comes out soon.
Some of those transitions almost gave me motion sickness. I'm talking about the ones when moving between the tabs. Please make that an option as it's not very ICS-like either. The other transitions seem fine though.

Other than that it looks great.
I think they will give the user option to turn off animations. 
I really can't wait for this to be released, and I love how you guys are going about this, especially since its your first Android app. I'm fed up of seeing developers copying UIs from iOS to Android when it just doesn't look right. The approach you're taking, tailoring the UI to different platforms and following the correct design guidelines is so refreshing and how its meant to be done! Android is in serious need of more developers like this.
looks neat! I'm a Plume user but I'll definitely test it as soon as I can. Hopefully the app will feature a combined timeline view to have multiple accounts in one stream. This would be the point for me wether to buy it or not.
+Carbon for Android I really enjoyed the video demo. Top notch from what I can see, but I hope you look into getting rid of the menu button. Please please please :-D
Would love to be on the alpha/beta list. One tiny niggle I have is that I'd prefer exact times (e.g. 10.38am) to ONE HOUR AGO. Thanks!
waiting but i would like to try beta now! xD if you want i could help you with spanish translation
for it contact with me on
Any way I can get in on this? Been wanting to replace Ubersocial for a while now. if possible. Thanks.
Dish it out already! I bet you never get bored of hearing that one! Maybe Carbon and the Cyanogen team should go into business together, doing great thing for loads of people for free and getting nothing but grief for it.... lol
How close are we now guys - getting the itch to try another ICS style Twitter app ;-)
lol - how insulting of me - my apologies ;-)
Any kind of estimated timeline for release here? Public Alpha/Beta?
I might die before this ever comes out
Since this is likely to have a pricetag when it does finally appear, I'd be very hesitant to put down any form of money with such a quiet dev. I would much rather use +Boid for Twitter (Alpha) where the devs actually interact with their users.
+Rob Jones +Aaron Hawkins +Bret Yates We had a few setbacks with performance, we're quiet cuz we didn't have anything to share yet... it's looking good from here tho... we'll have an update with the status of the product next week.
Great news but can't help feeling acknowledging posts and one line update (even with no new news) would have been better than complete silence ;-)
+Andrew Martin Couldn't agree more. And only after advertising for +Boid for Twitter (Alpha) and being honest re: developer silence vs. what ppl are willing to spend on an app did we get some news. I don't think I'll be cheering just yet.
What makes u think it will be a paid app anyway?
+Bret Yates Not paid exclusively, but every other version of this app on other devices is paid. It's only an assumption.
What's the best email addy for you guys at Carbon??
There's an update to progress due this week - looking forward to tomorrow now ;-) Hopefully not long to launch now :-)
I want to see the icon! And can I sign up for the alpha? Plus, you might want to change the big block of text on the lower action bar to the person icon.
It almost feels like they forgot about us since they promised an update and haven't posted one yet, sure hope this comes out by the weekend would give me something to play with while on my road trip :)
Think those on the Alpha have been lucky enough to get in on the action over the last day or so. Really hope this appears soon though. Like Boid also - but that's so buggy after rewrite imo.
Any update guys - the suspense is killing me :p
When can we get our hands on this awesome client. Been looking for a proper twitter experience on android for ages.
it looks nice - and I've not used it yet, but there's one omission in most twitter clients thus far - push support (except official). This makes a huge difference to effective use (for DMs and mentions)
looking forward to trying it! really hope you can add push notifications before too long too -- that's the "killer feature" IMO compared to other clients (except official)
you guys said on twitter that the alpha period ended and the beta version will be released, you gotta give us something
Judging by twitter comments - this week could be a possibility for further news/beta release :)
wait next week they said beta will be released they said
Looks very interesting to me. At the moment I use Boid. But Boid is much buggy ay this Time.
Boid is buggy and deleted my lists while I was swiping through tabs. Also been trying out Chant and my personal favorite, Tweet Lanes. Getting really bored with twitter, hoping a new app adds something fun, so I can't wait to try Carbon.
Great job ! I'll be waiting for it
please , when are you going to launch this awesome app on android ? 
Not trying to burden you or put more stress on you, but with all of these articles coming out talking about how Twitter is going to ban 3rd apps, except ones that are already out, you should try to get it in ASAP. Twitter is working on changing the EULA and taking out the api. Just a heads up.
Development seems to be going very slow for all the reviews being done. It looks amazing. Dying to try it.