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It's a good day, we jus' launched Carbon for Android on Google Play Store. 

It's been a long ride so far, failed a few times which we're not ashamed off and finally cranked up the project and here we are.

The idea behind the design in Carbon has always been giving our users access to all of their Twitter content in one screen without the need to drill down to different screens to get them. Timeline, Mentions, Messages on the home screen, an extended Lists, Favorites, Trends as an extended screen to the main screen. All there.


- Tilt Timeline to Refresh
- Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jump to top or bottom of Timelines
- Tap+Hold on Tweets to make everything clickable right on the Timeline
- QuickTimeline, home screen quick Timeline for Lists, Searches, Trends, etc...
- Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos
- Rich and HD style for User Profiles
- Rich and fun Conversation View
- Threaded Direct Messages
- Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, per account
- Username Autocomplete
- Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords

Why you no have Tablet UI?

We're working on a dedicated Tablet app, That's clearly why. Since the experience on a stretched out or a tricked out phone UI for Tablet didn't really make sense, so once we're ready we'll talk about it.

We have limitations when it comes to Twitter API, we have 100,000 tokens that we can use, and we wanted to use all of them for Phone users who will have the full Carbon experience rather than an extended or tricked up experience of a Phone app on Tablets.

Carbon works with Twitter v1.1 API, which means there are a lot of strict rules for using Twitter data, hence, rate limits. Every Timeline can refresh 15 times in every given 15 minutes and so on. We'll enhance that with a Streaming experience when it's ready.

Why so little settings?

Adding customisable options and settings and non-Twitter options are those that don't take much time in development nor architecting. We had to give priority to design and performance, and most importantly wanted users to use the app the way we thought it was best first, before adding customisations. We'll get there with updates as we go.

So without adding up more words, check it out!
Carbon experience for Android Smartphones. No Tablet support yet.Simple, Da...
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I cannot believe this app is at four stars in the Play Store because of dumb ass users who give it a one star rating because it does not work on their tablets. The rating system is there to rate the actual functionality of the app not the compatibility of your out of date device. #Agravated  
Downloaded, Installed, Mind Blown! Amazing App, works great! Only question is, are you planning on upping the sync times in the future? I am used yo my client updating every 3 minutes.

Still love it though! 
Just got the app, seems to run ok so far we'll see after a few days, gonna take a lot to get me to stop using Falcon Pro.

+Carbon for Android any plans on adding a widget? I didn't see one in the list once I installed the app and nothing on Google Play either.
Great app... smooth as butter on Nexus 4. Think this is the best Twitter app on android in terms of performance.
Looks promising but could do with a few more settings - smaller text, pure black theme, jump to the top of the stream button.
Liking the app so far, one thing I would like is for the user filter to be accessible from the TL like the options to retweet, quote, etc.

Having to click down into the user's profile is a bit much, especially since clicking on the user's avatar doesn't open their profile 
Add a feature to change to background, it looks really bad. A plain black or gray would look better.
Looks and works great.  Only issue I've found so far is the lack of autocorrect support when composing a tweet (Droid DNA).  Not sure if this is deliberate or a bug.  Otherwise, loving it so far.
Loving the app!! But, what is the plan, ads or paid version?
I don't see why this wouldn't look and work fine as-is on a Nexus 7.
Looks great! Miss Push Notifications and Filter(Mute) for Apps.
Sam V
So far so good! Would be great to have the Filtering/Mute feature.
+Sam V It has an Filter/Mute. But only for @ # and Keywords.
awesome design/animations and performance, really fun using it! I'm missing larger font settings and different photoservices like moby etc. also, tweets I deleted still appeared in the tl. but well done! I really like it. 
Incredible App. I was using the mobile browser to check my twitter cause I thought none of the android twitter clients were good enough until now. Great job! The long wait was worth it. Bring it to tablets soon.
Supernice. Especially multiaccount handling. That is what falcon pro is missing so you won that match for being most stylish - AND usable - android client! 
Arun N
I will wait for it to come to Nexus 7, until that I'll try on HTC sensation
If I have understood what you said, Android users who only use Android with tablets will have to wait the tablet UI release to get user tokens and start using it (if Carbon still have tokens, of course).
a better way to filter users and hashtags, please! from the tweet.
is there any place to file suggestions or bug reports?
Randy K
If Carbon integrates a tablet UI within the same app, I will definitely be using it. If they release an entirely separate app, you won't find me using it. Separate "HD" apps or "for Tablets" apps don't belong in the Play store, and go against Google's Design Guidelines.
It's the most wonderful Twitter app I ever seen. Like it so much...But in China, it's not easy for us to get access to Twitter because of the GFW, so could you make Carbon support Twip4 Api proxy or Http proxy? Thanks a lot.
This app is just the best TW client out there.... Anyway i dont receive any notifications... Someone Tetweeted, Favorited and replied one of my tweets but i didn't receive any notification. Is it because it's on a early stage? Idk I'm not a tech guy, sorry if this is a stupid question... Maybe I'm missing something?
Me and friends have downloaded the app and we were really surprised with the app design and performance. It is going to be the best twitter app for android, and we believe that Android users worth having such a great app. Well designed well made and you have the feel that the maker gave you what u wanted.

Great job :) keep it up and please note push notifications are the most important thing we are waiting for.
Gary Ng
Woohoo well done. Any timeline for tablet support? 
So far, I like it.  Also running Plume but it's day may be numbered.
+Andrew Horan dude stop the hate and get a life ... If you dont like it , guess what!? NOBODY FUCKING CARES!!!
+Carbon for Android If it's not compatible with tablets, don't show it as compatible in the Play Store. That's just a way to invite 1-star reviews.

EDIT: What's up with the background? It makes it look like screen artifacts. :( I think it would look much better with a solid color background with a similar nuance. It would certainly look cleaner.

It's nice and smooth though.
Regarding use of app on tablet, I honestly don't care what your reasons are.  Any other twitter client that I can think of runs readily on the Nexus 7 and is perfectly functional without specific tablet enhancements.

The truth is there is very little of one's timeline viewable on a phone form factor, especially with your font and stylistic choices.  This make the app of little practical use to me.  It's a pretty app no doubt but it is challenged from the start with the most basic need to show content.  I can see about 4 tweets at a time whereas the official twitter app about 5 and on Plume about 6.  And none of this would be an issue if I could use it on the Nexus 7.
Hey. This guys made the app free. So lets say thank you instead of complaining.
Awesome job, this app is amazing. There is just one issue, and it's a deal breaker: the refresh filter. It's very, very annoying and I'm gonna stick with Falcon until it is resolved.
Push notifications would be awesome!
^^ That's actually all It needs to be perfect, and some customization... But let's give them a break, it's their first release and a great one!
coming from +Tweet Lanes , Carbon is amazingly smooth (and that's saying something!) There's been a bit of a learning curve but the only thing I'd like to see added is the ability to change the notification tone. (notifications and @ name completion are the only things Tweet Lanes doesn't have, and the only reason I'm trying Carbon ;-) )
+Leon Skerritt Check my G+ post about it. :)

Has anyone seen the Android Central drawable that they include in the apk actually being used anywhere in the app? Just curious.
This is the best twitter app ther is bar none !!!!
Would love an interactions tab and Contact sync support - I know interactions are not officially in 3rd party apps but Tweetcaster has it so it may be possible
Every twitter app I've used wasn't good enough until I checked out Carbon today. Perfect. Thanks. 
I love this app, still missing push notifications but must of all the rate limit is excedeed very fast doing very little. Too many api calls I think 
Please make it available for tablets.. there should be an option of controlling the tweet refresh rate.. account management does nothing other than to remove the account
+Rodrigo Araneda del Canto I doubt they'll be able to implement push notifications. Twitter don't seem to give new developers access to that through the API anymore. Even before that it took a long time to get approved.
I don't think Twitter made the stream required to get push notifications available to all developers yet. So no, no push notifications.

I tried this client yesterday and well, all this bling and stuff doesn't click well with me, I guess I'll stay with Plume.
If it showed more on-screen, that would be great. 4.5 tweets on a 5.5" Note II is not very ideal haha. Smaller font settings and less vertical spacing would be great.
Great news to come home from after my first day back at school after the 11 WEEK HOLIDAYS! Not a complaint, just a question; when will tablet support be added?

EDIT: Should've read the whole thing first eh? ;-) 
Well done guys. Can't so using the app. Now to allow me to run it on the tablet too and I will be a happy camper. 
Incredible application as soon as I checked it carbon became my only twitter app
Beautiful app. Can't wait to see how it evolves. Great work! 
But please fix ( number of words ) ? 
Awesome app love the animations but it really need a white theme
Whilst they say no tablet support, it seems to be running nicely on my Kindle Fire HD
I like but I have 2 complaints right off the bat. 1. is the lack of a widget. 2. is the lack of an ever present jump to top button.

I look forward to seeing how you guys progress and will keep tabs on the project.
Sweet ass app, y'all. Well worth the wait!
Can we get the option to change the font size please (: and thanks. Other than that it's amazing! 
A white background, that uses too much battery 
I like it so far. A timeline widget would make it perfect! If you need more than a 15 minute refresh, it's time to put the phone down or just do it manually.
+Carbon for Android Maybe I'm missing something but I can't get the filter option to work on my timeline. Also having the option to hide inline photos/videos or whatever would be great. From a #design standpoint. The app is beautiful. Works perfect on my #Note2. 
Best tweet client ever. Add push notification and it's perfect!
Great client.  Been using it for a day and just discovered the two fingered swipe to got to top of message list.  Very nice.

As for the tablet support, of course I really want it on my Nexus 7.  However, you should at least set the app up in the play store so that it doesn't allow it to be installed on tablets.  I think the bad reviews come from people downloading it then have the app say the device is not supported.
I insist on the rate limit exceeded issue. I keep getting it all the time for normal use. I think it happens for too many API calls on the code. On twicca for example I never got it. 
+Rodrigo Araneda del Canto We've tested it against that. The problem is that we're using the new API v.1.1 that allows every timeline to refresh 15 times every 15 minutes as opposed to the old 350 limits for all access.
the navigation icons on top appears cut-off/truncated on my nexus 4. other than tht great job! very nice interface and in-line media display. :)
I would love it if you could make this post to Twitter and Google+! There are no good apps out there that support Google+ and Twitter. Be the first!
on second thoughts... i think thts how the icon is designed to look. however, i personally feel the 'home' icon doesn't look quite right.
Very fast and smooth, and a nice, clean interface.  Full size pictures inline is nice as well.  But I don't see how to change the font size (eyes are getting old!), and a "jump to top" feature would be great!
I have to manually refresh my timeline every time I launch the app. Surely that can't be normal.
What a beautiful interface, well done! 
Yeah also the conversation view is nearly useless when you can only view about 3 tweets at a time over about half of the screen. 
Liam W
Very nice twitter client.
Chris U
Please add live stream & push notifications. It would be the best Twitter app for Android.
Nice work. Is there a way to make the font smaller? I looks comically big. 
I know you wanted to push it out as fast as you could after the teaser but to have no background updates for the timeline is just silly.

Unrelated to that I just had Carbon crash. I had an @ mention and the notification area had the tweet in it. I tried the two finger pinch to close the preview and Carbon crashed on me. Out of habit I clicked to close it instead of reporting the bug.
Push notifications and I won't use any other twitter app again!
I like the interface, its cool and i think it will be my client for twitter in time but its just way to stripped down and basic at the moment for my liking (especially for all the fuss everyone made over it IMO).

Any chance ur working on a scroll-able widget for future release? 
+1 for Chris Kun... Live stream and push notification woul be perfect!
I don't know if it has already been mentioned but in my opinion the trending topics list of locations is not intuitive. I would say a better approach would be to have them ordered alphabetically or better, alphabetically by country and then alphabetically by location. As it is right now it's almost impossible to find a location.
Out of all the Android Twitter clients I have used, I actually like this one the best. Yes, it is missing a lot of features, options, and some customization but I think that in the coming months Carbon, with timely updates, will be on a lot of Android devices. With me still liking it without a lot of the features and things that other apps have, I can only see potential in it. 
Love it! Already replaced my previous twitter client!
Can we have the share option on long press? (way too many touch to get it, right now ;) 
El Bo
Cool app. Needs landscape mode & a tweet longer option. The ability to change the color of my mentions & color code certain followers would also be nice.
Lotta potential. Looking forward to this being a much better app in the future.
Great app so far although I'm not a massive twitter user so my Twitter needs are few. The clean design is fantastic. It would be nice to have Google translate integrated for tweets in any other languages compared to the system default.

Just throwing that one out there but for me it seems like an obvious feature to add to a text heavy communication platform.