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Some more...making some progress...
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you are really doing awesome work.
things are looking pretty slick!
This isn't even out yet and its already my favorite Twitter app :)
Looks interesting. I'll give it a shot once its out.
Are you going to have an open beta or are you going straight to market?
Looks brilliant. .poised to become the best looking Android Twitter client!
Is there a planned full release date or, if that's too soon to tell, any sort of ETA for the beta ?
+Craig Gray if you look at the premise of their project, then you will understand they prioritize quality and design over everything else, that's what makes this project so exciting to begin with.
ICS only?! That's one current phone and a few tablets.. Very limited market right now.
Wait, two phones. Galaxy S and Galaxy Nexus. There are some unofficial community built ROMs but even that's a small market.
Wait. .if it has no 2.2 and 2.3 support this is going to have a slow start :-(
+Liang Du +Paul Reed +Shamal Harkison +Sebastian Görick We're new to Android and for that reason we chose to start with the latest onward and once we know our way with backward-compatiblity we'll try our best to inclue as many versions as possible but we are getting advices from the community and they've been more towards ICS+. We're still looking into it...and learning...
As far as I know (very limited) you design the apk at an API level which determines compatibility. If you go with ICS and up you'd have to design a separate version for earlier versions.
Looking towards performance etc i fully understand why you would go towards ICS abduction onward. . But from the standpoint of gaining users and revenue for the App which no doubt you guys need,i think that atleast 2.3 support is going to be needed sooner rather than later once the initial app is released. The main reason is the shear lack of current devices getting the ics update with most companies only updating their dual core lineup its going to leave a massive part of the market on 2.3 for awhile. . But lets see what happenz. . My sgs2 will probably have ics when its done anyway :-)
+Craig Gray Craig, I think +Paul Reed makes my point, to be backward compatible the team needs to do a lot of tweeking that essentially is doing another version of the app. And look at their design they seem to make good use of many of ics new functionalities. I am all for backward compatibility but only if they make a good ICS version first. They have limited time and resources unfortunately.
As others have said I can understand aiming at ICS because of new features. It won't matter too much to me as I can upgrade in March but it cuts yourself off from a far larger (majority on 2.3) market. Still, it's just my opinion :)
+Liang Du ICS target will also make adding a tablet version easier..but i do think that a 2.3 version even if it comes after the ics version is so vital to the apps success!
+Shamal Harkison +Paul Reed +Liang Du +Craig Gray We're learning, keep your opinions coming, we need your insights and we're learning.

We do know that 50%+ of the Android users are on Gingerbread, and only 1% are on HC tablets, we also read through the stats that only 1% of all of the Android users are on ICS. It's a tough call at both ends(User base & Platform abilities). We're trying to have the priority to be the App and its quality, and as projected hopefully ICS devices will overshadow Gingerbread userbase in Q2. We still have a long way to go...but we're picking up in a fast pace... keep your comments comin'
+Craig Gray can't agree more on your last point, and I think that's exactly why manufacturers haven't been pushing out ics as fast as we would like. THEY CANT COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER THAN HOLO THEME!
Any ETA, beta testing or something? Official Twitter app is killing me and there is no app that can give me good alternative. Waiting for this one :)