Carbon v.1.2.0 Update

It's been ages since we updated. The list of excuses is just way too long to even fit this post. Hopefully this will be a start of frequent small updates rather than big ones. So, let's go...

Additions, New Stuff, and Changes

- 4x1 Home Screen Widget for quick actions (The original)
- In-App Browser
- YouTube API and in-app YouTube video playback
- Vine videos Timeline Preview and playback
- People Search
- Tweet font size options
- Quote style options
- New Image Viewer screen 
- Save Image option
- User Profiles now include users Favorites and Mentions
- All JPEG, PNG URLs are now previewed on Timelines
- Imagur Image previews added
- Image Upload option to Twitpic
- Notification frequency options of 5 up to 120 minutes.
- Option disable image/video previews on Timeline
- Timeline context options are now dismissible via back button

Bug Fixes

- Conversation View is now back and fixed
- Account profile avatars are now fixed
- Fixed Following/Followers lists' loading and retry
- Direct Messages screen hang bug fix
- Direct Messages cache sync
- Fixed Instagram image preview bug
- Add User to List bug fixed
- Compose screen character counter fixed to show the right count
- App freeze bug caused by Timeline caches fixed
- Fixed bug on home screen that did not update Account avatars

That and a lot more fixes included in this version. Up next, we have some all time requested features that we'll add with smaller and more frequent updates in the coming days and week. Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, give it a bit until it gets settled at Play store. 

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