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Carbon v.1.2.0 Update

It's been ages since we updated. The list of excuses is just way too long to even fit this post. Hopefully this will be a start of frequent small updates rather than big ones. So, let's go...

Additions, New Stuff, and Changes

- 4x1 Home Screen Widget for quick actions (The original)
- In-App Browser
- YouTube API and in-app YouTube video playback
- Vine videos Timeline Preview and playback
- People Search
- Tweet font size options
- Quote style options
- New Image Viewer screen 
- Save Image option
- User Profiles now include users Favorites and Mentions
- All JPEG, PNG URLs are now previewed on Timelines
- Imagur Image previews added
- Image Upload option to Twitpic
- Notification frequency options of 5 up to 120 minutes.
- Option disable image/video previews on Timeline
- Timeline context options are now dismissible via back button

Bug Fixes

- Conversation View is now back and fixed
- Account profile avatars are now fixed
- Fixed Following/Followers lists' loading and retry
- Direct Messages screen hang bug fix
- Direct Messages cache sync
- Fixed Instagram image preview bug
- Add User to List bug fixed
- Compose screen character counter fixed to show the right count
- App freeze bug caused by Timeline caches fixed
- Fixed bug on home screen that did not update Account avatars

That and a lot more fixes included in this version. Up next, we have some all time requested features that we'll add with smaller and more frequent updates in the coming days and week. Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, give it a bit until it gets settled at Play store. 

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Carbon experience for Android Smartphones. No Tablet support yet.Simple, Da...
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Nice to have you back with this excellent updates...Best twitter client so far...Keep up with your work
Can you please make this app compatible for Gingerbread? Still running the OS and i want this twitter app.
Thanks, looks like an awesome update, can't wait. In-App browser is what I've really wanted!!
Imagur means Imgur right? 
Sajid A
Would be great to see tablet layout as well
It's such a shame you neglected your app for this long. It's the best Twitter client by far and yet you made a really bad impression due to unkept promises. Let's hope you show determination in the future.
Looks like a good update. Still needs instant notifications.
excellent update, may I ask to make mentions tab update with the timeline refresh?
WOW, Excelente, esperado. La hace de las mejores si no la mejor. A seguir así!
+Steven Soares That's the ONLY thing that I dislike about the app. 5 minutes is better than 15 and I can deal with it because I love the app so much. But real-time push notifications would just be AWESOME. +Carbon for Android 
What about the tablet ui? Would love to be able to properly use Carbon on my N7.
Well, but the update of tweets are still manually?
Long time coming, by you did well guys. Appreciate this . If not already, can a Twitlonger be added?
Does this update include change to show notification new mentions and DMs when I refresh the timeline? 
Awesome! ! Been waiting for this a long time! ! ! This is such a great app! ! Thanks! ! 
Wow, I never thought Carbon would see an update again. Thanks a lot for 1.2, I really appreciate it. :-)
For those of you looking for push notifications, I suggest you check out Tweetification. 
Thanks for the app fix and new additions, they are very welcome 
Nice, thanks! Small, frequent updates are typically a good strategy. Thanks for the hard work!
gstav d
Still no tablet UI support yet, ok then skip it until next update 
Sorry to say but you guys are terrible devs sometimes. Between the long wait and excuses when actually releasing the app, and then leaving it dormant for 6 months with another long list of excuses, mind boggling. Its not so much the wait but just the excuses. The "its coming" rather than "look guys, we're on hiatus for a bit to clear some things up. Be back soon". 
when large font size is set, the tweet shrinks long tapping it?!
So far its fine but still needs an option to auto update TL after a tweet is sent. Also I never know if I have a mention still because the main TL seems to refresh independent of the mentions/messages. So I have to manually refresh it myself. Please change that.

EDIT: And retweet view still not there. 
God, that  took a long time! Thanks for the widget. Love your app!
Outstanding, thank you!
Thanks for the great update guys. Much better, but I have noticed the glitch in favourites is still there. Its to do with the badge and I'm not sure what causes it.

If I favourite a tweet in my mentions, the badge shows, but going back to the same tweet in my timeline it doesn't show the badge. Even when you click the tweet it doesn't show as favourited. The issue can be solved by signing out and in again though, but every time ....

Still no refresh on opening or after tweeting though, this should be there by default surely. 
What does " Fixed Instagram image preview bug" mean? Because I'm still not seeing image preview of Instagram tweets... 
Thanks for the update! The app is fantastic! 
Thanks for fixing conversion views. New options are sure to make Carbon the client of choice!
Nice update. Already posted on my Twitter account. (@cPRIME_1)
suggest for future update maybe:
- highlight text hastag user & word
- refresh time add "manual"
- auto complete hastag word
- add mute navigation on timeline tool
- add more coloum

thats it ^^
Congrats on the excellent update :D ...and while we're also doing feature requests here [hehe :P] I'd like to be able to choose, when I do a native re-tweet, which account to re-tweet from (from among my multiple accounts)
Finally! Thanks, now we Just need notifications for the main timeline :-) 
I know it kind of works on the Nexus 7 but I've noticed that photo uploads look very blocky in my timeline. Other peoples seem okay, but mine are very low resolution.

Are there plans to include a tablet UI or maybe bring back the tablet app project ? 
At last ;) great update.
But where does Carbon store the downloaded Twitter images? ca not find them.
any chance of FB integration like plume
I'm stuck on 1.1.2 on my nexus 7 anyone got a link to the apk? Play just gives me a link to open, but no update.
Nice. How about a stream viewer option on the widget in a future update?
The only thing that would make this the top third party app (for me at least) is an interactions tab like tweet caster has that shows your tweets retweeted and which tweets were favorited
Like the app. I have 2 accounts set up on it, but how do I switch between their timelines? 
1. Is there a way to 'mute' from within the app?
2. How do you go to the top of a feed instead of manually scrolling through every tweet? 
+Darius Lorek Thanks. I had the folder "pictures" deleted in one moment, for that carbon could not create the sub folder. Thanks.
+Wayne Gibbons Swipe right while on home timeline to reveal the account switcher.

+Delfino Trejo You can mute/filter users, hashtags or keywords using the filters in Carbon. To jump to top of the timeline swipe using two fingers.
Great, thanks! I've now replaced Falcon Pro with Carbon! 
Feature request. Any chance you could build in screen rotation? I use my phone in landscape a lot, and it would be great if your app could support this. Thanks 
So happy with the change in the tweet font size...that one was killing me. Plus the automatic refresh time interval being set at 15 minutes earlier now is down to 5 minutes. Sweet.Thanks for the update guys. I love this app. Forget about the other twitter clients.
I've worked out the favourites glitch. It happens because all the feeds refresh independently. I get round it by not refreshing until after I've favourited a tweet.

If you refresh mentions and timeline then favourite a mention, it won't show as favourited in your timeline because you've already refreshed it. Now I know that it doesn't bother me as much. 
I changed the font size and it works in TL and Mentions, but not in DMs column... anybody knows why or how to fix that?  I'm really liking the app by the way!