Carbon for Android goes v2

The first version of Carbon was released on Android in February 2013, that’s about Ten months ago and some. Ever since then the landscape of Android design & experience has changed dramatically. With all the changes and with a Quarter Million users strong we had to cater to the changes. V2 was planned. We worked on it. And here it is. 

New Visual Style
The new style is based completely around the element Carbon, staying away from our heavily imitated vicious Hawk. Going crystal on this one!

The tone of the app changes with the style and this time around we’ve gone extra simple yet maintaining elegance and uniqueness.

Interface, we hate calling it UI
Never has Carbon been simpler although we’ve been always called “Minimalists” with v2, it’s taken to an extra mile of simplicity and liteness on the eyes. We cleaned up the textures, meshes and the background noise. Result is a clean Timeline.

Based around Three main timelines
We’re keeping it the same way. Timeline,@Mentions, and Direct Messages. Everything else are either a swipe or a maximum of Two taps away. That way we’re keeping the balance between power users and those who don’t utilize Lists and Searches.

Home screen is nothing but a Timeline of Tweets with a touch of personality of users’ own style, the Avatar. It’s the User & the Timeline. Nothing else.

Power-users Not Forgotten
With a lot of simplicity often comes canceling features and a narrow navigation. It was great challenge to maintain Super mode and Simple mode and having them in one experience. So Quick Timeline was reborn. A Timeline that acts like a Wild Card, you can load any type of Tweets on it from Favorites, Retweets, and Lists to Saved Searches. All just a swipe away from the right side of the screen, and it remembers its state with every time you open the app. A smart 4th column is what Tweetdeck users would call it.

Timeline Design
With v1, the concept was to have literally timeline-looking Timeline. That is with the lines that point out to to Times. A literal Timeline visual as opposed to the traditional list of rows on an app chrome. 

With the #C2PointOh it all changed. Even less chrome, and less markers. The idea was to make it even better read and skimmed through. We’ve taken @screenames& times to the bottom of the Tweets, adding more emphasis on users Avatars instead. Better typography and spacing.

Timeline Media, we go square on this one!
This had to be a big change based on our observations. When we designed the first Image preview style on Timeline(the one every Twitter app in the galaxy adopted) the landscape of Image uploads was different. Square photos were not the norm, now, square photos are the majority of the photos on our streams. Photos, videos and all of the media previews are now square on our Timelines, reducing the need to zooming in on photos as they show the whole thing right on the Timeline.

Instagram? Vine? Yup, specially for those two.

Quick Actions
As performance gets better we now are able to implement more stuff right on the Timeline. While we could’ve done these long ago, performance and jumpiness that such additions add to Timeline experience have been stopping us. Not anymore. We now have extra Quick Actions right on the Timeline. One tap and you have access to everything. Links, #Hashtags, and @Mentions become clickable and you’ll be able to operate on Tweets right from the Timeline.

One-tap access to the “Chaos Menu”
No overflow menu this time. Except, it’s a “Me” menu. One Menu that holds all of the personalization and “my” stuff. Profile, Retweets, Favorites, Lists, and other accounts in addition to Trends, Search, Mutes, and of course what would personalization be without Preferences. Oh, and if you have more than one account, it’s right here on the “Chaos Menu”.

New Tweet Screen
Again easier on the eye, less layout visuals and more content. We added Retweets to the mix and made conversations even simpler, a draggable drawer.

Even better Profile screens
While everyone’s celebrating the use of “Banners” we went old-school with this one, back to profile Backgrounds instead. Why? Banners are great for Landscape interfaces, where we have more width than height to use content, on a portrait experience such as Twitter? We decided, something more vertical would go better, specially that Background images have far higher resolutions usually and make for great backdrops.

If you have used our v.1, you’d know by now that v.2 is a brand-new experience rooted in the same dark Carbonic mines. The same core, different new and refreshing experience.

So what else does v.2 bring? 
Lots of under-the-hood re-design and fixings. Major performance enhancements specially for loading times and screen transitions.

A host of fixes and crashes are not fixed, specially the bug that prevented users from uploading photos on high mega-pixel phones. 

- Don’t Disturb Mode
- New Notification Ringtone
- Oxide(Black & White) Mode
- Enhanced Tweet Sizes Settings
- Users can now update their Avatars right from Carbon. 
- Retweet screen to see who retweeted your Tweets. 
- Better Trending Topics screen and handling
- Improved Hashtag Timeline
- New Compose Screen
- New Direct Message Screen
- Enhanced Vine Video Playback and Repeat
- Redesigned Widget
- Quote Tap gesture for quick RTs and Quotes
- Filters are now called Mutes

What’s next?
Our feature request lists are still long, we could go on for a long time if Twitter doesn’t stop us and enough folks keep donating to support the development.

So go get it! If you're still getting the old version on the store, give it a bit until it updates for you.

Tweet it with #C2PointOh  and let everyone know!
All-new Carbon v2 with a new design and experience.Carbon experience for An...
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Love it. Awesome update. 👍👍👍 Major props.
Really like the way you set this up. Very new and innovative. Great job
splendido aggiornamento, minimale e veloce come sempre. continua ad essere la mia app preferita per Twitter. se posso suggerire qualche modifica, le barre (status bar e nav bar) nere e "vuote" stonano un po' col resto della schermata, renderle trasparenti (come fa Google Now nel GE launcher) sarebbe davvero fantastico e darebbe un look grandioso all'app.
Massive update. Can't wait to use it 😃
Is there a way to open links without having to tap twice (once on the tweet, then on the link)?
It looks and works great!
But could you add a white theme in the future?
Great job! Love the ability to get straight to the top, very slick.
Loving it! Looks great, feels smooth and snappy and comes with a pretty nice set of features. I would only ask for a smaller font size and better sorting of the location list for trends (searching for location would be easier than endlessly scrolling). 
But how can I refrash top? 
Could you guys add immersive mode support for android 4.4 KitKat? That would be awesome!
What font/tweet size is everyone using? Seem to favour XL at the moment, arranges everything in a clear(er) fashion in my view... 
Hm, +Arvid Bux wrote on Twitter: 'Carbon V2 is fast but just doesn't do the trick. Only 5 tweets without swiping, too many "clicks" for list and only 3 tweets in list view'

Can anyone comment that? Have these things changed from the previous version? I loved V1 and don't want to loose functionality. 
New version is to dark.
Also I miss to share my location in tweets. This is a "must have"-option in a new client!
+Carbon for Android
How does the 'favorites' work? On the sidebar? I'd like to be able to add or delete favorites.
Oops nevermind, figured it out.
Amazing update! Very clean and fast, love it! But I'd love it so much if you added a white "theme" option like some others have commented here, maybe just for the timeline space, that would be so nice! :)
Too many taps for conversation view now. Great update otherwise.
Great update, but needs a light theme asap!
Really nice update. Been waiting a while for this. I was hoping for automatic refresh on opening and after tweeting though. Sad to see no proper tablet support or landscape mode, those are the only things I really want now, especially with the official twitter app releasing tablet support in the New Year. 
only missing is time line notifications . thats the only thing holding me back
So far its nice after spending a lil more time with it.
Much smoother then before and the interface is very clean. A white themed option would be nice to have in reference to a N/D mode. Like the fact you can change tweet sizes. 
Gestures is big on this an has slight learning curve in comparison to other twitter clients.
Would like to suggest the option to have highlighted links for quick glances to save for later. 
Otherwise, nice update and will give it a run to see how it stands against Falcon and OG Twitter.
Pros: Fast , nice navigation, right panel access to lists, fast (worth mentioning twice)
Cons: Too dark, no Real Names on tweets (just retweets???), too dark (worth mentioning twice)
I feel stupid, but I can't figure out how to switch between my three twitter accounts. Any help?

Ah, I found out. You have to restart Carbon after adding Accounts, then you can see them.
+Carbon for Android on this sentence: "a host of fixes and crashes are not fixed. did you mean? A host of fixes and crashes are now fixed? Or not fixed? 
Does anyone know where I might be able to find settings, this chaos menu, quick actions and the oxide? Also, you can see your favorites but not who favorites your tweets? 
+Dan Maldonado 
On the bottom right hand side, click your profile and there is a COG icon for settings.
+Ali Mohammed thanks! I didn't notice you could access your account from there too, I just thought it was the new tweet button. What about this Chaos Menu though? 
+Dan Maldonado
NP. If I'm not mistaken, the popup UI on the bottom right is considered to be the Chaos Menu. Since it's a tiny All in One popup. Just guessing on that tho. 
Suggestion: tapping tweet should cause it to position to the top of the screen...then conversation should be displayed (by default) underneath. Having to click again to view conversation is not ideal.

Any plan for twitlonger or tmi support, in the future?

I like the dark theme, but am one who believes that all apps should offer at least a dark and a light theme at a minimum.

Scrolling if very smooth...this is something that a number of other Twitter clients struggle nice job there!

I'm still looking for that one Twitter client that does everything I want well. I've tried many. Believe it or not, the official Twitter app is the one I use the most.
Nice work! Love it so far. CARBON all the way. 
Cool update!

but we need a hashtag autocomplete, and a simple way to add hashtags or keywords to mute list and it will be the best twitter app on Android!
Hi, I'm logged into both of my accounts but can't figure out how to switch between the two. Any suggestions? Thanks
I already don't like the new visual style. Tweets are too big and has too line spacing. 
Much prefer Falcon, this seems style over substance. All for Android apps looking stylish though!
Needs a tablet layout. It's 2014 already, it's actually quite ridiculous that this doesn't include a tablet layout already. 
I like the new look and feel generally, but I am having a hard time with the floating icon in the bottom right.  While it may actually take up less space than any alternative, it just feels intrusive because it is actually covering stuff up.  Other than that, great job!
Ok, I upgraded. Looks good, still getting used to the font. And switching accounts has become harder IMHO.

But what utterly annoys me is that the status bar becomes obscured when I have Carbon open. Why? 
+Marc van Wijk I just posted about switching accounts. Would you mind telling me how.. I can't figure out how too.
Would love to see tweet marker support. The only feature that's holding me back from making carbon from being my go to twitter client
+Rich Corso Click on your own picture in the bottom right hand corner, they'll be on that menu.