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A Lesson Plan: Technology in the Classroom
Component I:   Classroom Teaching Task A-1:   Teaching and Learning Context   Complete once prior to Cycle 1 observations to
describe your teaching and learning context.   If the teaching environment
changes significantly, e.g., new school, change in cl...

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Blog 7: Software
and Management of Files Without software, a computer could not actively perform any functions.
Therefore, we have two types of software. Let’s Explore: Application: Perform specific tasks with the computer System/Support: a program that pro...

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WebQuest: Learning Through Internet Interaction
Let's begin with the basics...  What is a WebQuest : A WebQuest lives online. It guides students through a process of learning by breaking a large project into smaller parts. Students can complete a WebQuest individually or in small groups.   What is it's ...

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The Power of Images: Visual Literacy
A message to the
readers:           This past week we as a class engaged
in reviewing our peer’s blogs. With that said, my blogs may look a little
different; probably more condensed as I try to use the feedback that way given
to me by peers to create a bett...

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Lesson 4: Presentation Programs for Teaching and Learning
Lesson 4 Presentation Programs
for Teaching and Learning Agenda: Technology Explorations:   ComicLife , iSpeech, VoiceThread, Scribblar , StoryBird, KidBlog An Overview of Presentation Programs Features and Functions 7 Different
Intelligences Promoting Enga...

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Lesson Three: Word Processing and Desktop Publishing in Education
On Today’s Blog: Applying Word Processing and Desktop
Publishing in Education §   Word Processor                                §   DTP or Desktop Publishing   Program §   Bloom’s Revised Technology Taxonomy                                     §   Wiki Tech...

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A Beautiful, Glamorous, Scary Thing (Teaching with Productivity Software: Spreadsheets and Databases )
As we watched in, The Machine That Goes Ping,
technology is a wonderful, beautiful thing; however, if it is not used
correctly, then it has not done its purpose. Technology is glamorous and a
positive alternative to get student involvement inside and outsid...

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (The Field of Educational Technology
think the best phrase to describe technology is, “here today, gone tomorrow.”
Technology is hypothetically developing at the speed of light and to speak
honestly, I am way behind. There are so many definitions that try to encompass
the vastness ...
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