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Ouriel Ohayon
entrepreneur, french, israeli, jazz, piano, movies
entrepreneur, french, israeli, jazz, piano, movies


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Seriously Linkedin? I updated my profile with a past position which started back in oct 2008 and still active as a cofounder of ISAI Gestion a Venture Fund i am only involved a minor part of my time. i believe my comment applies to anyone adding a side position (advisor, investor, ..) Linkedin treats that information as a "new job" instead of treating it an "update to profile" and pushed it to the timeline of my contacts as "new job". Wrong. i started to receive tens of "congrats for the new job". Linkedin> let users add context in the Timeline. Unbelievable you have not nailed this.

Message special pour les boites de retargettng: Good luck on iOS. [merci JDN pour l interview]

If you care about peace, just sign this

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We are pleased to announce a completely revamped Sushi for the Appsfire iOS SDK and the launch of Appsfire Monetization SDK for Android.

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6 or 7 years ago i met Frédéric Mazzella in Tel Aviv. At the time, his company was tini-tiny and he was trying to convince me his company was a good investment. I told him "hey i like it a lot, come back when you reach 100/150k users and we'll surely look into it". Months later, he came back (and glad he did). And we did the investment with ISAI (the small fund i cofounded but that is run by the talented Christophe Raynaud and J-David Chamboredon). Blablacar is one of the most amazing startup i have seen to date (not saying because involved). The team is incredibly nice, ego-less, hardworking, business driven. They actually invented the model of ride sharing via the web, which "looks new" in the USA, but Blablacar was a pioneer and for once we can say the americans copied the french :) Today i am proud to see where they are. Great news for the french ecosystem too, which needs more super stars. more GREAT good news. And here you go. Congrats guys, the road ahead is open! cc Nicolas Brusson

want to relocate to israel as an entrepreneur? here are some tips (yours truly in #1 position )
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