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Ouriel Ohayon
entrepreneur, french, israeli, jazz, piano, movies
entrepreneur, french, israeli, jazz, piano, movies

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Seriously Linkedin? I updated my profile with a past position which started back in oct 2008 and still active as a cofounder of ISAI Gestion a Venture Fund i am only involved a minor part of my time. i believe my comment applies to anyone adding a side position (advisor, investor, ..) Linkedin treats that information as a "new job" instead of treating it an "update to profile" and pushed it to the timeline of my contacts as "new job". Wrong. i started to receive tens of "congrats for the new job". Linkedin> let users add context in the Timeline. Unbelievable you have not nailed this.

Message special pour les boites de retargettng: Good luck on iOS. [merci JDN pour l interview]

If you care about peace, just sign this

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We are pleased to announce a completely revamped Sushi for the Appsfire iOS SDK and the launch of Appsfire Monetization SDK for Android.

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