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I've been a bit busy lately, but I still managed to fit some painting in!
New blog post: Brushwork - Sunday 4th September #warmongers #wargames #Infinitythegame

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a post! I’ve not been quiet in terms of painting, however, so this post won’t be too short on pictorial content at least! This one’s a bit of a photodump, so bear with me and I’ll have something more wordy for the…

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Been a bit quiet on the blog-front, but I'm still painting away!
New blog post: Brushwork - Thursday 7th July #warmongers #wargames @infinitythegame

A bit of queue-jumping happened this week – because I’d decided last-minute to play the Rescue mission, I needed a fourth Civilian model painted – I’ve got three already with my Delegate, O-12 Commissioner and Fusilier Angus, and I had a fourth waiting…

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I tried a new technique this week - Non Metallic Metal!
New blog post: Sunday 19th June #warmongers @infinitythegame

This week I decided to try out a new technique on one of my models – Non Metallic Metal. It’s not something I’ve ever tried before, so I was a little nervous about it, to say the least (if only because of the hassle of stripping it and re-painting it is…

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I'm running out of things to paint!
New blog post: Brushwork - Sunday 12th June #warmongers #Nomads #Tohaa @Infinitythegame

This week I finished off the Igao I showed you last time, and also decided to neatly round off my Nomad starter that I’ve had since Operation Icestorm released back in September 2014 (yes, 18 months have passed already!). While I’ve not been gaming much…

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Been a bit quiet in the last month, but I'm back at the painting table!
New blog post: Brushwork - Tuesday 31st May #warmongers

I’ve been on a bit of a break from the painting desk over the last month or so due to real life taking me overseas for a fortnight. However, I’m now back in the country and ready to tackle the Pile of Shame again. The number of unpainted models is…

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Finished my Reverend Healer this weekend:
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On a bit of a roll this week and finished off several models!
New Blog Post: Brushwork - Saturday 12th March #warmongers @infinitythegame

This week I’m bringing out the big guns with lots of heavy weaponry for my Aleph! As usual, nothing out of the ordinary with these guys – colours can be found here. First off, my converted (well, arm-swapped) Thrasymedes with Light Rocket Launcher: I put…

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This week I finished my third Celestial Guard, as well as my Deva with Spitfire - I also updated the look of my blog:

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New Blog Post: Brushwork - Thursday 25th February #warmongers @infinitythegame

The Pile of Shame continues to shrink this week, with three more models completed! Having taken a break from painting Tohaa for a while, it was nice to go back to them with the Kosuil. Nothing terribly out of the ordinary with this one. I gave his coat a…

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More words and pictures from me:
New blog post - Brushwork - Monday 8th February #warmongers #miniaturemonday @infinitythegame

As I said at the end of last weeks’ post, I’ve got a Spektr and Bounty Hunter to show you this time! For the Spektr, I simply followed the same theme as the rest of them. Nothing special really, although he’s a lovely model. I did add some additional…
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