Linux on MiniPCs 

I've noticed that whenever a new MiniPC (aka Android TV stick) is released, the first question always seems to be "can it run Linux or Ubuntu". This question must refer to running Linux natively as seldom is any mention made of the various Linux installers that allow Linux in a chroot environment under Android. Presumably this is no oversight and they must not be considered due to perceived performance degradation or issues in lack of native graphics drivers. I decided to try a few of the various chroot installers to see which was the easiest to use and more importantly, if any performance loss was incurred.

I chose to compare Complete Linux Installer, Debian Kit and Linux Deploy. I wanted to install Ubuntu on an SD card so I could use this for performance testing in various MiniPCs with native Linux which also runs from the SD card. In terms of benchmarking performance, as I could not identify a singularly universally accepted tool (like AnTuTu Benchmark for Android) I decided to create my own benchmark test using Phoronix Test Suite. I performed my benchmark on the following MiniPCs: MK802+, UG802, GK802 and A200. I also ran the benchmark on some comparison hardware including: MK803, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101, Odroid-U2, Samsung Chromebook XE303C12-A01US and on a PC with an Intel Core i7 950 CPU. 

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