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This is what happens when I get bored late at night.
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Well, so much for watching Jimmy Kimmel when I'm bored. Thanks a lot +Brian Gardner, geez. :-) Impressive!
Nice!  Simple, beautiful, and totally achieves its function.
+Brian Gardner - Here's a question I've wondered. . .Where do you get all the cool and interesting images you use in your designs?  You seem to have a collection or access to an amazing set of images.  Please share. . .By the way, nice design.
Very nice! What I would love to see added is a feature I get a lot of requests for--a slideshow with thumbnails below. Any chance of that? thanks for all your great work.
Great feeling being bored and making money with what you produce :)

I just used your Avalanche theme, amazing!
They are excellent. I have loved the Framework for years. But I tend to get jealous of your photos. Amazing! 
Thanks B --
Oh... I think a child theme for Kindle authors would rock ... and have a pretty big market....
I have scores of authors looking for just such a thing....
love it! do you sell your themes?never mind my silly question, found the buy link
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