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Awesome, I've been looking into going with a new theme / framework for some time and looking at Genesis as well. 
+Brian Gardner +Neil Patel Would be very interesting to Neil explain the reasons why decided to move your website to Genesis. Good design blog, I like the anchor in the techcrunch ads in the sidebar
One thing I would be interested to see is how the site is put together. Looking at the code, Fancybox plugin for the popup which is very cool looking, curious about the sidebar widget, if it was hand coded or something else. Great job Brian, it looks very good.
New clients for Genesis are quick-sprouting up all over the place
Contemplating moving over to Genesis, lately Themeforest has been a nightmare. 
Do it Tish! Make the move! You'll be pleased you did.
Looks nice! Just need t turn off that mobile theme plugin so it loads the responsive version. 
+Ben Boykin I started a development on Genesis but having a hard time finding a child theme I love 
I've found that adapting child themes is pretty easy. It's just a question of changing the CSS, and you can pretty much make any theme unrecognizable visually, so don't be put off by that. More important is functionality - do you want a portfolio page or a contact page, or a landing page?

Even that is just a question of copying and pasting code snippets to functions.php. I'm a long way from being an actual php dev, but have been able to graduate from redesigning themes ( or ...

to combining them ( ...

to finally building a child theme of my own ( that started with actual thumbnail sketches.

So if you have an idea of what you'd like it to look like, you can get there, and I think Genesis will be the shortest, straightest path.
+Tish Briseno Also, Tish, Themeforest has changed their licensing - no more GPL other than lip service. Granted, that only really affects WordCamp volunteers and organizers in any serious way, but it's something to think about if you care much about the GPL. I don't know where I do or don't, but i tend to line up on the hippy-dippy side of things when push comes to shove.
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