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The Events of January 13th to March 25th - Chapter 34
January 15 Mark - I felt like my molecules were slowing down to a crawl. It was probably the salt crystals. I felt like I was going into suspended animation. I remember a friend saying to me "It sounds like you are in a hot air balloon drifting above the la...

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The Left Front
"Severe economic downturn. a dysfunctional government. Wall Street bailouts. Public protests and police clashes. A president accused of "socialism." Struggles for immigrant and minority rights. The threat of military conflict abroad and social turmoil at ho...

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Icarus - woodcut - 48" x 32" ©2015 William Evertson I have several inspirations for my interpretation of the Icarus story.  The first is the painting by Pieter Bruegal, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus. (attribution is regarded as doubtful by some) In Gree...

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The Events of August 12th to January 12th - Chapter 33
August 18, 2014 Lee Goldberg - ©A Nice Brunch 2014 Lee -     it was a great pleasure for us all to be together again , thanks to Mara creating such a nice brunch at the foot of a note tree..also the entertainment by Bibi & Jane made even the monkeys dance.....

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International Mokuhanga Conference 2014
The International Mokuhanga Conference 2014 became the start of a memorable trip to Japan. I was honored that one of my works was selected for the International Open Exhibition. A reward that became much more valuable as I saw the quality of printmaking on ...

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The Events of March 27th to August 11th - Chapter 32
March 27, 2014 Ria -  Fish decided to swim off while the others (us) were caught on a ridge in the Goat God dilemma. 'Humans,' he thought blowing water bubbles, 'don't they know you gotta go with the flooooow.' The water surface was bright and clear. Fish c...

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Big Ink
© William Evertson 2014 - As printed during BIG INK Back in March of this year I sketched out a piece in pastels that became the basis for the large woodcut I recently completed for BIG INK.  BIG INK was a two day printing event for invited artists organize...

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Machine #15
Machine #15,  Woodblock print, © William Evertson 2014 This latest print, titled Machine #15 after the "magic square" in the bottom center began as a tribute to the seals used to annotate traditional moku hanga prints. The seals we often see on woodcuts are...

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Sigmar Polke: Alibis
Seeing Rays , Polke 2007 The much anticipated Sigmar Polke exhibition is currently at MoMA in NYC. This is an extensive retrospective of the artist's work and the largest single artist exhibition mounted at MoMA. This will probably be the most discussed top...

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A Very Big Dragon!
Soga Shōhaku, Dragon and Clouds (Un ryu- zu), Japanese, Edo period, 1763. Unveiled last week at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, Shōhaku's dragon had long been under wraps as it received extensive conservation and repair, including custom-made wooden lattice c...
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