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Will Google+ Cut into Facebook Time?

According to this Nielsen Media report, in May 2011 Americans spent more minutes on Facebook than on Yahoo, Google, AOL, and MSN/Bing combined. That is pretty astonishing.

Personally, I now spend about 80-90% of my social networking time on Google+. My wife is still all Facebook. So is my extended family. My 22-year old college grad daughter is using Google+ to help her launch her writing career and she has 1,200 followers so far, but my two college daughters are still all Facebook for social reasons. My three teenage sons all have Android phones and can't wait for Google+ to be available to kids under 18.

The $64 billion question is, Can Google+ go mainstream and start cutting into Facebook time for family/friend communications? For me, Google+ is already the best social network for professional and tech conversations and for sharing of news and commentary on news, so it largely replaces my need for Twitter, but until my family and non-tech friends are on board, it will mainly be for business. I have shared a few photos and posts with my family and my wife's family, where 15 or so people get my content via email, but I don't recall hearing back from any of them any of those times. Not sure why not.

Please answer this question: What features or apps do you think would be the most likely to get your family or friends to sign up for Google+?

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No More Smiles

That's the caption suggested by the blogger who writes as Pourmecoffee on Twitter about this photograph of Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali, Ali Abdullah Saleh, Muammar el-Qaddafi and Hosni Mubarak at a summit in the Libyan city of Surt in October 2010.

A LOT has happened in less than 1 year.

From the NYT:

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so simple really

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"Now there is a nominal fee if you want to keep your current phone number."
"Yeah, I thought that was a free service."
"After you pay for it, it is free... so..."
"It's just a one-time free that you pay annually."
"That's not a one-time fee, but-"
"It is one time, in that you only pay one time a year."

Almost peed my pants, you guise. This show is so amazing.

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So far google+ is a place where my friends in the technology business talk about the UI, features and uses of google+
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