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Jeremy Foshee
A large, fun and goofy writer of words and sentences
A large, fun and goofy writer of words and sentences

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NaNoWriMo… What to do, what to do?
I find myself in the midst of an interesting conundrum. I have a wonderful idea for a book that I have been holding onto (much like so many other ideas) for the better part of two years. I would LOVE to work out a zero draft during NaNo, and I have done all...

I'm working on collecting data for a group that would like to add a forum-like experience for their users (in this case, writers), Are there any things any of you think I should keep in mind while drafting my recommendations? Any pitfalls or gotchas? Recommendations on owning the software versus using something that exists?

I would supply the list here, but I'd like to see what this conversation provides. I have already asked in several other 'venues' I'm curious to see what I get from my friends on Google+. :-) Thanks in advance.

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Crossroads, Round Two
I apologize for the late post. I have been sick, and lazy. OK, mostly lazy. Crossroads Writer's Conference in Macon Georgia is, without doubt, on of my favorite things to do ever, period. There I said it. You can see my previous thoughts on the subject from...

I'm inordinately happy that most things I write online now have the bad self-drawn picture of me near them. It's like a bonus emoticon.

I feel bad that I don't provide much more here than a little link to a post every now and again, so I would like to say a few words...

and Balderdash

Thank you. :)

Yay for writing conferences!

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I sense the mimsiness of the Bogoroves...

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