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Aurora Australis
Join us to talk and share things about Aurora Australis!
Join us to talk and share things about Aurora Australis!

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Hi all, I'd like to encourage you all to join the new Aurora Australis Community. Communities appear to have much nicer tools and be more community/discussion centric. I'm not intending to put more into this page - rather it will be focused on the Community :)

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Nice wee Science at +NASA video about the recent solar flare and the auroral activity it generated.

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Just noted this on the NOAA/NWS Space Weather Prediction Centre home page.

Effective Wednesday, July 25, 2012, at 1600 UTC (10:00 AM MDT), SWPC will modernize its geomagnetic storm watch products. These products will now be issued relative to the highest expected geomagnetic storm category (NOAA Scale) and will be based on the 3-hour geomagnetic K-index rather than the 24-hour A-index. Watch products will still be valid for the entire UTC day, just as they are under the A-based watches today. This change will better align SWPC's geomagnetic watch products with its geomagnetic warning and alert products and NOAA Scale designations. Product Subscription Service customers are not required to take any action regarding this change. The current A-based watches contain expected geomagnetic storm scale (G-level) information so all subscriptions will be automatically transferred to the new G-based watch products.

I've added some links on the About page that contains some relevant monitoring and information links. Feel free to promote more and we'll add them!

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There is a possibility of a glancing blow in a few days from today's #CME   #aurora  

The CME is associated with the M1.8 flare fro the active region 1520 (S15W88). Based on preliminary heliospheric modeling carried out at NASA GSFC Space Weather Center, it is estimated that the CME may give a glancing blow to the Earth at around 2012-07-20T18:00Z (plus minus 7 hours).

We're also looking for people that are willing to help manage this page, if you're interested, get in touch with +Gavin Treadgold.

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+Gavin Treadgold has created a Google Map that we're using to plot good #Aurora Australis viewing locations. If you'd like to contribute, contact him with your email address and he will add you as collaborator. This map is being shared across both Google+ and Facebook Aurora Australis groups.

Feel free to share photos and videos here, I've started with a couple of mine recently, but let's get some more, and we'll rotate them through the cover image!

Woohoo! Page created! :)
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