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2211 S Star Lake Rd Federal Way, WA 98003, United States
2211 South Star Lake RoadUSWashingtonFederal Way98003
Apartment BuildingToday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
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Club Palisades Apartment Homes is conveniently located between Seattle and Tacoma and more importantly, sits within walking distance to park and rides, bus lines, as well as I-5 North and South.
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"There are much better and cleaner apartment complexes in this area."
"Indoor pool & hot tub."
"Had to contact police department to get anything done about the loud music."
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Virginia Fox's profile photo
Virginia Fox
a week ago
Kitchen floor has cuts in vinyl. Stove only has two working burners, ruined two large skillets. Washing machine has no 6 minute wash on the delicate cycle, dryer has no low temperature at all. Haven't sealed wall from slugs and spiders, we've been here for two yrs and have been having the slug issue for about a year. It took 3 months to get a replacement for our heat lamp in the bathroom. Fan motor not cleaned before we moved in here. The first year we were here the backyard flooded and came into our living room and bedroom. We were never compensated for any of the damage that occurred. Carpet entrance to kitchen losing tufts. Bathroom vanity moves when you lean on it. Towel rack keeps falling down. Gap in the bath surround under faucet in shower. Appliances, stove and dishwasher 26 yrs old, water heater 28 yrs old, washer/dryer 20yrs old, fridge 13 yrs old. Security gates always broken, security gates chained shut, because residents keep braking them. Work orders not done in a timely manner as stated in lease, 24-48 hours. This is the worst place we've ever lived. Think twice about renting here. Only got 129.00 back from a 299.00 deposit, they charged me for cleaning carpet 75.00, I'm sure they replaced it, and cleaning apt. 95.00 why did I even try to do anything?
• • •
Geena Kin's profile photo
Geena Kin
5 months ago
I lived in this apartment complex for two years. it's not because I like the place but the real reason is that they don't let you go. A lot of requirements before you leave discouraged me. The management is the worst I ever encounter in my life...THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT PEOPLE BUT ABOUT MONEY. Everything I asked them to fix in my house never been correctly fixed. Some of their technicians ( speaking Spanish) are not respectful. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THESE APARTMENTS PLEASE STAY AWAY.
• • •
Taylor Fitzgerald
a year ago
Don't move here! It is NOT worth your money or the headache! I have made complaints about my neighbor to many different people in the office and still.... NOTHING. I have called many of times to have the things fixed in my apartment to just continuously hear excuses as to why things can not be fixed. There is mold in the apartment, our car was stolen 2 days ago, my roommates car window was smashed out, I have been followed home 2 times and the list goes on. Not to mention we have been here for only 6 months. I have tried turning in a "Notice Requesting Repairs" to Jonathan in person for him to tell me what I am doing is "against the law" HELLO read up on the Tenant Act Laws! It clearly states a landlords duty is to keep the apartments up to par and to have things fixed in a timely manor. I am beyond fed up with this apartment and am so done! We still don't have things fixed from our move in list! We pay rent on time, have NO complaints and have not broke one thing in our apartment... That shows a lot when this is your FIRST apartment and not even out of the "teens" yet! IF ANYONE IS A CURRENT RESIDENT OR A PAST RESIDENT WHO: 1. Has the same problems. 2. Still has pictures or anything from when you lived there. PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK OR EVEN RESPOND BACK TO THIS. WE HAVE INFO THAT WILL HELP YOU!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!
• • •
Crystal Nelson
a year ago
Overall, it's not bad considering the "extras" and convenience. It makes a great first impression, but the flaws surface while you live there. Pros: - Conveniently located just off I-5. - Within walking distance of grocery store, library, some stores, and gym. - Indoor pool & hot tub. - Fitness area. - Inexpensive deposit depending on credit history. - Creeping raspberries and blackberries growing on the premises. - Playgrounds with decent equipment for young children. - Designated dog park. Cons: - Don't count on maintenance fixing anything the first time... or the third... or the fourth. The dryer in my unit never worked right (Aug-May); they finally replaced it, but I was moving out. - Pool and hot tub are often "scummy" and may result in an itchy rash that takes a week or so to clear up. - Reporting pool/hot tub scum in person or through the maintenance request doesn't mean that it will ever be cleaned, even if you tell them that it's making you rashy. - Posted indoor pool hours are 8am-10pm, though it often doesn't really open until 9 or 10am, sometimes closed by 8pm, and sometimes closed for few days at a time. If you're thinking of using the indoor pool as an early morning exercise, forget it. - Skylight over hot tub was never cleaned during my one year tenancy, despite reporting it on two different occasions due to what appeared to be algae growing on it. - If you're not familiar with window drains, request details. Maintenance doesn't clean them between tenants and they're located in the track leading to the outside of the window. - Windows stay soaked from October-April, be prepared to keep towels in the window sill. - Parking is sometimes jammed packed. If you have a motorcycle, I recommend parking it in the center of the parking spot because maintenance will squeeze their golf carts in next to your bike. - Lack of activities for older children. - Upper clubhouse with TV and pool table is not free for community use and requires rental. - Pet dropping rules are not enforced, be aware when trekking through the playgrounds where pet litter is supposed to be picked up. - Dog park is located on the far West side of the large campus, making it inconvenient for the pet owners and contributing to the pet poop problem in the play spaces for children.
• • •
Ruomin Jiao
a month ago
The price they provide is not reasonable. The people who work in the leasing office didn't give me any good impression. The paying of rent is complicated (I have paid the rent before it was due, and after that I received another notification said that I had to pay another amount of rent or vacate.)
Stephanie Gouldman's profile photo
Stephanie Gouldman
a year ago
I have nothing but good things to say about Club Palisades. We have been here for 3 years now. We have made it through at least one management change. All the bad that everyone is talking about happens at every apartment complex every where. This apartment complex is very large. There is only a certain number of staff and maintenance to help every one. The garbage piling up is because of the residence not properly putting garbage and recycling in the proper places. The amenities are great they only get bad when nonresidents continually come in. Security is always around. I have seen one fight in the parking lot but security got to it fast. I have heard an occasional gun shot but can't tell if they are from here or the other apartments near us. I live here with my fiance and 3 children. We are on the ground floor and never hear our neighbors upstairs, or on either side of us. I would highly recommend Club Palisades to anyone.
• • •
Todd Walters
a year ago
My wife and I have been residents since 2007. Since then ownership and management changed and not for the better. The current manager and leasing agents are lazy. They allow vehicles that have expired registrations and that don't run to remain on the premises taking up valuable parking which is at a premium. I gave up expecting the management to follow their own rules per the lease. Garbage is all over the site which has brought in rats. I reported to the office that three rats were in the dumpster area and the attitude was "uh ok". This apartment complex is a ghetto. It's dirty, drugs are sold out in the open in the parking lots. Prostitutes work out of this complex I know this because I was approached by one recently at the mailbox of all places. This is not a place for a family to be. Save your gas and time and look elsewhere. There are much better and cleaner apartment complexes in this area. I'm looking to get my wife and I out of here even if it means breaking the lease.
• • •
Nina Lomsky
a year ago
The apartment itself was a nice size (2 bdr/ 2 bath) and pretty clean. It is renovated, so there are not major issues with it. Now, the management is another issue. We were very good tenants: paid our rent on time, never made any noise, left the apartment EXACTLY how we found it! Even patched up the wholes in the walls made by A FEW things we (and probably past tenants) hung through the apartment. We literally spend half a day, licking the place clean. The management is what I have the issue with. If you are used to people telling you anything you want to hear and actually believe it- this place is for you. We needed to rent this place the same day we came to look at it (we moved from a different state) and had 2 cars full of stuff and and a cat. This place seemed like one of the best places to rent in the area (granted, they management built that up too, because let's face it- it is FEDERAL WAY and that's just gross). Jonathan is who we worked with. He basically told us that the deposit we had to pay that day was fully refundable. We paid a large sum of money and moved in the same day. Jonathan informed us that we should "feel at home" because that is how they wanted their residents to feel. We hung a few things on the walls (one set of curtains, a TV, and a few paintings). All the stuff did minimal damage to the walls (used thumbtacks on most things anyways). When my husband wanted to leave the TV on the stand, I said "No, Jonathan said it is ok to hang it, and they will not charge us for things we did to make us feel at home." Basically, from what Jonathan said, unless we did some real damage to the place the deposit was ours at move out. Well, here we are almost a month post- move out with less than half of our deposit back. Oh, and we just received it today- almost a month past move out. Another thing too, as soon as you move out- you are old news-- he wouldn't return my phone calls because he was having lunch, in a meeting, or simply washing his eyebrows. Finally, I got a hold of him, at which point he said "Oh, honey, you never count on that money." Number one, I'm not a little child, so don't speak to me in that tone, and number two, don't tell people things which are not true. Unless, you are someone who doesn't care about where their money goes- do not deal with this place. Oh, did I forget to mention the garbage that lives in the complex? People smoke things in their apartments, park their motorcycles in full car spots, disregard their neighbors by yelling and slamming doors, and listening to music loudly at odd hours, as well as having weird conversations at odd hours of the night-- in their megaphone voices. Basically, stay out of the gross area, lying management, and Section 8 neighbors if you respect yourself!
• • •