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We have been tasked with teaching a group of students to be trained in Google. It was suggested that we do the Google Level 1 training, but we want to see if there is something else that would be more geared at students that could be used. We want there to be a way to track progress and to have it be beneficial for the students. It can be either instructional based or independently paced. Any suggestions??

My administrator is asking me to come up with a Google Competency list for teachers to check off as they work towards mastery of the different Google products. Not specifically the Google Certification courses, but completing those could be used to demonstrate mastery. Does anyone have anything like this?

I have a high school English teacher that is looking for an electronic version of a word wall that allows for student contributions. She is looking for something that will allow students to post, but requires her approval for posts. We are looking into some options, but I wanted to see if anyone here had other ideas!
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