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All this chat about the S7 but for those of us who will still have our S6's for a while yet here is some news I've just learned from EE customers in the UK.

Nobody in EE has even been looking at the Android 6 [Marshmallow] update, so nothing in the pipeline for EE customers.

Wish I'd stuck with my Nexus 5 now. I gave it to my daughter and she's been on Marshmallow for months!

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Any ideas why I'm getting this screen on Google Now searches? 

Can anyone recommend a good QI Charger stand [not a pad] for the Nexus 6


Has anyone in the UK received Marshmallow OTA? 

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This is the area where we planted those seeds you bought from Asda. Absolutely hive of industry with bees, hover wasps and other including some butterflies this afternoon.

Installed this morning on my Nexus 6 and when I try to upload to OneNote I get a "service is unavailable" report? 

Also can't seem to get back to the initial menu to select other destinations, although even so OneNote would have been my preference.

I'm already confused by the new Photos App which I have updated to on my phone and tablet and have switched to on my desktop.

All the blurb states free storage up to 16MP whereas in the old Google+ I think it was much lower and therefore quite a few of my later photos taken on my Nexus 5 [8MP] are using up Google Drive space. 

Will this automatically upgrade to zero or do I have to do something. I currently have no camera with the ability to take photos at that resolution so surely the 8.18GB showing as used should reduce to zero?

Slow on both Nexus 5 and 7 (2012)
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