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Finally, a version of Texts From Last Night we can all rally behind.
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Oh wow ... This just made my morning
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Steven Marra

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Last of the snow.

One Waterfront.

Morgantown, WV.
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Snow is evil, only to hide in the liquid form, and then come again when you least expect it.
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Steven Marra

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Yet another day when Wil Wheaton helps me weather the stupid storm I sometimes fight against.

Climate change deniers drive me crazy =(
"I just want to highlight this illuminating infographic by James Powell in which, based on more than 2000 peer-reviewed publications, he counts the number of authors from November, 2012 to December, 2013 who explicitly deny global warming (that is, who propose a fundamentally different reason for temperature rise than anthropogenic CO2). The number is exactly one. In addition Powell also has helpful links to the abstracts and main text bodies of the relevant papers.

"It’s worth noting how many authors agree with the basic fact of global warming – more than nine thousand. And that’s just in a single year. Now I understand as well as anyone else that consensus does not imply truth but I find it odd how there aren’t even a handful of scientists who deny global warming presumably because the global warming mafia threatens to throttle them if they do. It’s not like we are seeing a 70-30% split, or even a 90-10% split. No, the split is more like 99.99-0.01%." (
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Hank did a good vlogbrothers segment on it and gives his own term for it.

Global Warming and the Polar Vortex
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Steven Marra

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Closing tabs in my browser before I shut down one computer to switch to a new one.

Evernoting info I want to keep.

This page is one of the ones I look at when I need a pick-me-up:

(Scroll, baby. Scroll.)
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Steven Marra

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+Christopher Boyer 

Wow. Seeing a cutaway makes it more impressive.
At 2,197 meters (7,208 feet) the Krubera cave is the deepest on Earth. Located in the Arabika Massif, of the Western Caucasus in Abkhazia, Georgia, it extends for 13.432 kilometers (8,346 miles.) I would love to get inside, but I know the fear would paralyze me. I love to go through its complete (so far) map, though.
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four chocolate foils
bound round, emptied, single file
my triglycerides

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Oh, yes.

They did, indeed.

Aldi brand.

They were delicious =)
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Steven Marra

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I love his work, even when feet are involved.

That's saying something.

Note: To my knowledge, this is feet free ;)
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As I watched the last two stragglers from the mid-afternoon nicotine rush choke down their cigarettes, I had a thought:

I don't know any pot smokers who'd claw their way from the office, in to the freezing cold, six times a day to get high.

Hell, weather is irrelevant. It wouldn't happen, unless they worked at Willy Wonka's.
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And, odds are, only one would occur between 9 and 5.


So, in comparison, a dedicated toker would waste ZERO minutes on work-time breaks to get their plant-based buzz on.

Tobacco, causing irritability in, and lost time for, workers all day.

Marijuana, no doubt the people who smoke when they go out to lunch go unnoticed, because they're pleasant and focused when they return.

At least, that's my un-empirical opinion.
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By day: Ex-tech-trainer/instructor, about to learn how deep the rabbit hole goes, but I'm really an amnesiac superhero writer/photographer. By night: studying/performing Bowen Therapy for pain.
I work in IT (been a computer nerd since Micronauts, TI99/4A, and Merlin). I write (I do have that BA in English w/ a fiction writing emphasis). I take pictures (that Journalism MS is more about photo-documentary, diplomacy, and conflict resolution than it is about Journalism). I am training to be a Bowen Therapist. I'm a Jack of All Trades, Master of Some.
  • Self via Zen From Within
    Bowen Therapist in training, 2013 - present
    My evening job. I injured my back when I was 12. Decided to follow in the footsteps of the woman who did more for my pain than any treatment I tried over the last 30 years. Hoping to help others manage their pain the way my mentor Melita helped me.
  • West Virginia University
    UNIX Sys Admin, 2013 - present
    New job! A chance to get back to my computer nerd roots. Excited and scared- in a good way =) Work with some of the smartest people I've ever met. And they're good people, too.
  • West Virginia University
    Tech Trainer, 2005 - 2013
    I love to teach. This job allowed me to train faculty, staff, and students in everything from Blackboard to Photoshop. I'm an IT resource for trouble-shooting whatever comes my way. I helped students with their ETDs (electronic theses and dissertations), too.
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