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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

“Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is happiness. It is hope. It is always. It is yours. 9.5/10” -Destructoid “A worthy successor to the title that firs

Future telescope array drives development of exabyte processing

The future Square Kilometer Array (SKA) telescopes will produce several exabytes of data each day of observing. To process and store this da

Curiosity Cam on Ustream

Curiosity Cam @ Ustream.TV: UPCOMING BROADCASTS 5 a.m. PT (8 a.m. ET): - NASA's Mars Curiosity Launch NASA's Mars Science Laboratory spacec

Facebook Disconnect - Chrome Web Store

Stop Facebook from tracking the webpages you go to.

E3 2011: Skyrim and open game worlds are the last great frontier

Despite critical acclaim and commercial success, games that attempt to build what we call 'open worlds' are few and far between. Read this b

The Next Windows Won't Be a Nightmare to Install

More good news from Microsoft: Windows 8's upgrade process won't be like a mythological Greek hell punishment. Through clever software desig

MIT news

New computer chip models how neurons communicate with each other at synapses.

FCC's Net Neutrality Rules Take Effect Nov. 20

The Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules will go into effect on November 20, almost one year after the commission approv

MIT news

Study: The presence of female politicians boosts aspirations, educational achievement of young women.

Tell Congress Kids Need Biking and Walking Routes!

Tell Congress not to backpedal on a progressive program for biking and walking routes for kids in the US.

SpaceX rocket blasts off, headed to space station - San Jose Mercury News

A first-of-its-kind commercial supply ship rocketed toward the International Space Station after a successful liftoff early Tuesday, opening

Test flight set for SpaceX mission to space station

NASA and the private company SpaceX on Monday set a tentative launch date of April 30 for the first commercial launch to the International S

How IBM's Deep Thunder delivers "hyper-local" forecasts 3-1/2 days out

IBM's "hyperlocal" weather forecasting system aims to give government agencies and companies an 84-hour view into the future o

A robo-glove for auto workers might be a great glove for astronauts

Humans in pressurized spacesuits have problems bending their fingers, but General Motors and NASA think they may have come up with a solutio

A quantum network built with two atoms and fiber optic cable

Researchers have built the first quantum network where the nodes can both send and receive signals. This type of system should be scalable,

Ajapai - Bounce [MQ] SUPPORT MUSICIANS, SONGWRITERS & SINGERS! BUY MUSIC : This music is for previewing & p

MIT news

By automatically cataloging connections between software 'objects,' a new system orients programmers joining large software projects in mids

'Magic Mushrooms' Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

The psychedelic drug in magic mushrooms may have lasting medical and spiritual benefits, according to new research from Johns Hopkins School

SOPA's latest threat: IP blocking, privacy-busting packet inspection

A little-noticed section of the Stop Online Piracy Act could require deep-packet inspection and blocking IP addresses of copyright-infringin

Arab League votes to suspend Syria over killings

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