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Had a very successful session of Old School Dungeon Crawl tonight!

Quick AP: The heroes (a.k.a The Company) were asked to investigate the millenia-old floating mausoleum of the legendary (and evil) sorceress Koresses. Rumors had that she might not be as dead as advertised. After vengeful dead heroes, wyverns and ravenous bone fairies, the Company managed to put the an ancient evil to its final rest.

Lots of fun all around with plenty of complications and exciting action! Players want more quests! Dungeon Fixer is very pleased :)
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Thanks. They're modified Leverage sheets, all done in Illustrator. I'll try to make a editable PDF, but my Indesign-Fu is abysmal
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After a long delay, here's the fourth and final part of the Star Wars Heroic hack. I hope you enjoy!
It's been quite some time since our last post, so here's a little recap: Part One presented the basic rules for character creation; Part Two covered character advancement and gamemastering; and Par...
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It hasn't been that long, really. But good to see you round out the series.
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And now Part II. Happy Episode VII Day!
Previously, on Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying: we saw the guidelines to hack Heroic Roleplaying's character creation for the SW setting. Very few changes are necessary, mainly replacing Affiliations ...
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Rafael Ferreira

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"What is the condition of white life? We are moral debtors who act as material creditors. Our banks make bad loans. Our police, like Nietzsche’s creditors, act out their power on black bodies. And, as I see in my own language, we confuse whiteness with ownership. For most of us, the police aren’t ‘‘ours’’ any more than the banks are. When we buy into whiteness, we entertain the delusion that we’re business partners with power, not its minions. And we forget our debt to ourselves."
Reckoning with what is owed — and what can never be repaid — for racial privilege.
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Rafael Ferreira

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This insight and perspective is what made me switch from traditional RPGs as the focus of my gaming attention to indie games and story games: The edges and the outsides are where the really gripping stories are being told. And it also makes me want to actually work up the courage to try and design games of my own.

Because it says: You don't need to wait for someone else to write this awesome game. Others like you are doing it, and they're friendly, welcoming and helpful, and you can look at their tools and have a go yourself!

Everyone who wants to start a gaming group should see this interview - Thank you, +Whitney Beltrán​!
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Rafael Ferreira

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  Orientalism and Exoticism: How Good Intentions Can Go Astray By Mo Holkar   "What do we know of the D’ai-Shin, that worthless race? Their skin is yellowish, their hair dark and lank. Their eyes are little more than ...
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Rafael Ferreira

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why is so relevant to state that the writer is Black? There are numerous human beings that are exponent in their areas that are
black and they do not proclaim their skin color because they see themselves as human beings, not black of white.
As a matter of fact Morgan Freeman rejects publicly this speech if Black or White.

I can see clearly that the the article posted is at least slightly racist and is quiet weird to fight racism with racism. We should focus or energies in not declaring each other black or white but human beings and understand that a non acceptance or failure is not a color criteria but an idea criteria.
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Hi Hackers. Next weekend, I'll run a Penny Dreadful game for some friends. We'll be using Dramatic, which I think does the trick with some tweaks on Values and Stress. [I won't be using the Pathways Chart for character creation now. Only the Relationship map ]

Here's what I came up with. For those of you who have seen the show (those who haven't, you should): What do you think? Are they appropriate? Do they overlap? Suggestions?

Bravery/ Courage
Hope Retribution

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nice, I'd just love to hear how the story goes...
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Merry Second Christmas :) Part III is up, with some character examples. (might contain spoilers if you haven't seen the new movie)

[UPDATE] All sample characters can be downloaded now. Also added a blank downloadable character sheet. happy 2016!
Part One and Part Two of the Star Wars Heroic Roleplaying hack presented the tools necessary to create characters and play a SW campaing. Today, we'll see some sample heroes and threats. If you're ...
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+Stan Fresh, I try to include powers that either the character uses frequently or are distinctive to that character, not all abilities a Jedi would have. SFX can describe many Force effects.

My standard jedi has the following: Telekinectic (Elemental) Control, Force (Elemental) Control, Mind Control D6 (only works in weak minds) and Enhanced Reflexes.

My take on Prequel Obi-Wan would have these four plus Jumping. Force Push as a SFX.
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[UPDATE] A few weeks ago I asked you for some help with this. Here's what came out of it. I'd love your feedback.
It's Star Wars Season! You can't escape it. It's everywhere! With a new movie coming - just a few days away! - and all the excitement and expectation it brings, my friends and I decided to revisit ...
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I'm working on a hack Heroic + Action to make a Cortex Plus powered Star Wars game and i'd like some ideas from the community.
I'm having a bit of trouble deciding how to adapt the Affiliations Trait into something more akin to the SW setting. One option I'm considering is replacing it with a category which would be based on the ethics/morality of the characters' actions (Light/Neutral/Dark). Another option is to use FAE-like approaches - how the character solves the problem, mapping it to type of Stress. eg. say a Forceful (Agressive) attack/approach relates Angry.
What do you think?
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I'm also leaning towards the Approaches method because of something all of you mentioned: not all players will be interested in the temptation plot. I can certainly see it for a jedi-centric campaing, but this is meant to be broader, for all types of characters that can exist in this universe. Milestones can do that.
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