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Hi I'm Javi. 26. Texas is my home.
Hi I'm Javi. 26. Texas is my home.

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Hello! I am a English (us) user for some time and for some reason the English (uk) is faaar better at learning typing and prediction/next word. Any way to make the English (us) the same way or better?

Hello! Not sure if this is an already available feature or not but was wondering if we could have more options for lock screen themes. I would like to keep my notifications black but on the lockscreen them be white with black font. I do see the option to change the lock theme but that only changes to black or white font with clear background

Would be awesome to be able to use the xposed flat style keyboard module as an add-on to help with apps that have different colors for different part's of the app. Kind of like different color contacts on the Google messages app. I now use textra and they have the feature to change per contact, using the module on the gboard app I'm able to let it choose automatically for every app

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Hello! So recently I've been using the "up from home" option for the quick reply and sometimes it gets stuck/frozen any way around it? Sometimes turning that setting on and and off fixes it temporarily and other times removing notifications does too but not always

So I just seen gboard got an update with translate built into it. Will we ever see something like that added to Chrooma because that'd be awesome

Would love to see an option to make the messenger layout take up the whole width of the screen as it does in your quick reply app.

Hello! Would love to be able to have an option to rearrange the bam option's. I'm right handed with a big phone and it would be easier to reply to messages having the reply on the right side instead of the left

A cool future feature would be to be able to see who follows you when you peak a profile from the timeline

Hello! So today I broke my daily phone and had to go back to my old phone (Samsung galaxy s4 5.0.1) and the first thing I did was install this app. So after setting it up I can't seem to get the actions to show up no matter what interaction I add it to. The only way I can do this is by having the sam one which I don't use. Know any idea what could be going on? They notifications expand but doesn't show the actions and no for sure they have them because I have the option to show a color of they have them

Any word on neural prediction updates?
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