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I'm really getting into this new country duo #TerraBella. Give them a listen!
#CountryMusic #Music #TerraBella #Country

I saw the latest installment in the Avenger movie franchise and it's taken me a few days to get my thoughts together.

Two of my favorite Avengers have been Hawkeye and Black Widow.  My geeky little heart rejoiced to see Hawkeye come into his own in Age of Ultron. He stepped up from the sidelines and showed what he was made of.

Then we have Black Widow. My knee-jerk reaction was to be upset to see her acting this movie.

What made me give that reaction a second glance was Joss Whedon. This is a man who writes strong characters with depth. In the first Avenger's movie, he added a new dimension to Black Widow. She was afraid of The Hulk. It made sense. She doesn't have super powers, she has been trained to be a tool of stealth and wits. Black Widow can manipulate a man to get information without him even realizing it. But the Hulk couldn't be reasoned with, he's a mountain of unthinking rage so most of her skills were useless. When she was trapped on the helicarrier with a big green Banner and he backhanded her into a wall, there was a moment when she was just...broken. Black staring off into space, unable to stop the man and out of options. If Thor hadn't flew in, she'd be nothing but a greasy smear on the floor.

When Black Widow was sent in to fetch "the big guy" at the beginning, you could see the trepidation in her eyes.

In the Winter Soldier you saw a softer side of Natasha and her subtle flirting with Steve Rogers. There was none of that in Age of Ultron. It was like it never happened.

Now back to Black Widow in Age of Ultron. I want to see the movie again and examine it, but I don't think my initial disgust at her wanting to be in love is warranted. Out of all the Avengers, Natasha had the worst childhood, if you want to call her upbringing a childhood. Nothing about it was normal. Only with Clint (Hawkeye) did she find a lover/brother/friend.

But with the Scarlett Witch drawing out her darkest fears, it's more clear that Natasha doesn't want to fall in love. She wants peace, stability, someone who is happy to see her walk in the door. Clint has that with his wife and children, but Natasha can't have children. She's never known 'home'.

I think what Joss Whedon was trying to touch on, was Natasha facing those cold memories and fears. She wanted to escape with Bruce, the one member who was more than happy NOT to be in a warzone. If she picked Steve, she would lose. In her mind, she'd weighed all the options and The Hulk was the weakest link, so to speak. Bruce was attracted to her, she liked him well enough, so she tried to run away with him. She wanted what Clint had. A home.

Bruce Banner isn't dumb. He ducked out at the end, leaving her to actually cope with the past.

Joss Whedon is a master storyteller, the last scene nailed it. Captain America and Black Widow were in the new Stark facility with the 'kids' and Captain America states that this is home.  For those two, it is perfect. A quiet life isn't for them, they're too damaged and their need to do something about trouble too strong. But starting new, training up the new Avengers, that's home for them.

Well done, Joss Whedon.

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It's no secret that there are not enough women in country music. I've been wondering what I could do about it and came up with Women Promoting Women. For the month of March I am going to promote nothing but other women (barring clients).
Day 1. 's "Girl Crush"
This isn't entirely a female song, but it showcases Karen Fairchild's vocals and is written by three amazing female songwriters: Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, and Liz Rose. This song is amazing, so give it a listen!
Ladies, I challenge you to join me in ‪#‎WomenPromotingWomen‬

#CountryMusic #GirlPower #LittleBigTown #HillaryLindsey #KarenFairchild #LoriMcKenna  

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We recently moved to a small town. Here is a sampling of the police reports. 😂

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Happy #Thanksgiving  

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#Caturday #Caturdayeveryday
I laughed until I cried over this one.

Want to prank your friends this Halloween? If they have a gmail account, send them several innocent emails, but at the bottom of each one type in white letters (so they're invisible) clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns clowns.  Cut and paste the words a hundred times.

This will change the ads they see on websites to nothing but clown products.  Get creative.  Does your buddy hate Nickelback?  Do that.  Spiders?  Hell yeah.

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Meanwhile, in Google+ hangouts...

Google+ hive mind... I'm looking for a new Wordpress host.  Who do you use and are you happy with them?  Any recomendations?

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