Want to meet our CIO and the people who deliver business technology for Googlers?

Next Tuesday, April 17 at 11:30am PST we'll be having a Hangout On Air with Google CIO +Ben Fried and members of Google's IT team. The group will talk about how their work at Google is quite different from IT at other companies.

+Tara Mathew will talk about how her team implements systems used to manage Google's multi-billion dollar investment portfolio. +Neerad Hakhu's team builds, deploys and maintains software & systems for the Real Estate, Workplace Services and Physical Security teams. +Jason DeBolt's team integrates various HR systems using Java, Google AppEngine, Google Closure, Python, and REST APIs.

You can submit questions for the IT team on our Moderator page (http://goo.gl/YsQam) or in the Comments section below.
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