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04/20/15 Suiting Up to Come Home
I don’t really know what to write. I mean
I’ve only got one week left and you all seem to know how missionary work runs
out here. I mean nothing too new. I did get the money which I can’t thank you
enough for - but that is awesome that you all did some fami...

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04/13/15 Africa to America; Church-Ball is the Same
Sounds like life is insanely exciting for all of you,
and just in time for my return; I’m excited to jump back into the mix and help out. It’s obviously weird that I’ve got 2 weeks left and then - done - it's over. So as we need to organize some stuff for m...

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04/06/15 The Right Reasons
Well closer everyday but still not there yet. I've
been trying so hard to catch up on my journal so far, we are just working really effectively and every day is so filled with rendezvous that we don’t have much down-time. I think if I had to give a theme fo...

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03/30/15 I Bet Elder Perry Talks about Obedience
Getting a car is definitely on the list of things I
want to do when I get back; but we will see how thing work out. Everyone out here asks; "what are you doing when you get back?" And my response is always "Working to make a bunch of money so I can prepare ...

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03/23/15 Back to the Future
I forgot how underdeveloped Congo is. Compared to Cameroon -
very! In fact this computer I am typing on is sooooo slow and the keyboard doesn’t
change into English so, this might be a shorter email. I have safely arrived
just as the senior couple told you, ...

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03/19/15 New Senior Couple - The Bailey's
We are the Baileys and are the couple here in Pointe
Noire.  We received Elder Johnson here last night to work until he will go
home next month.  We are looking forward to serving alongside of him and
Elder Mbikayi .   He looks happy and so willing to get t...

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03/16/15 An "ice cream sandwich" Mssion
So for the last 6 weeks of my mission I will be going... (drum roll)…back to Pointe-Noire!
Yup, back to my “birth-city” to the sector “aeroport”. Which is the branch that
meets in the church built building. I’m really excited to go back...

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03/09/15 Old Crow (That's what we call the old missionaries)
Sounds like life for all of us if pretty much the same. Out here
nothing is changing too much. We are just working our hearts out and trying to
get people baptized. Sadly, 3 of our 7 baptismal candidates turned out to not
be that awesome after all and still...

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03/02/15 Truck Lights and the South Africa Temple

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01/26/15 A Week of Faith
So this “Week of Faith”,
as I’m calling it, didn’t work out too well. I think as I’ve already explained,
all of our amis have disappeared. Their phones don’t work or they have moved
away without leaving a single trace. That means that every day we fix a pla...
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