Arslan of Ili, Emperor of India: Part 2: 770-774 High Chief of Zhetysu tribes

The main reason I didn't just attack chief of Zhetysu and Karluk was that I wanted to save my once-in-lifetime subjugation for use against Turkestan sometime later, and I didn't want to take ambition for kingdom of Turkestan as it's very small.

But seriously, I have to once-in-lifetime either Zhetysu or Kimak anyway. The main difference is easy war and spending extra 200 gold (with some prestige dependent discount even) on high chief title if I attack Zhetysu versus hard war (if vassal chief joins it, if they don't it's not really that harder) and free high chief title.

Anyway, Zhetysu. I could presumably take them head on, but it was better to soften them - first fully sieging Karluk tribe with looters, so he'd lose 236 troops (and I'd gain 1.5 gold - raiding tribes in entirely pointless), then I could crush his army of only 535 instead of doing something unreasonably fair.

All that was really good since I could win the war by just destroying his army and sieging his non-capital county, so I got tribe of Zhetysu with full garrison at least (and still no levy, as there's no way to get any levy right after war, at least for this kind of wars).

So now I sort of need to play the waiting game... or I could just go after Chach. If Turkestan enters the fight I can hire mercs for at least a few months. Well, surprisingly they did not join. I'm not entirely sure why, it was still easy conquest for them with me doing most of the work and them taking the province unless I contested it.

Anyway, the point of this was not Chach as such - it was access to second lootable civilized province of Oshrusana. Emir of Khiva was far too active to just let me siege it, so I just raided some cash off the top and ran away, just like in the good old days of cattle raiding.

Fortunately rebels still held Fergana and didn't mind that I'd sack everything in it again. I used money from the raids to create high chiefdom, which meant +25% levy in every county in capital duchy, and access to tribal invasion CB.

Amazingly my plot against high chief of Turkestan even worked, splitting his demesne among his two sons, but keeping his territory otherwise intact.

Up north a lot of action is going on - Manichean Kirghiz conquered Tengri Kipchak in a holy war, Khazaria got one county from Pechenegs, but lost 7 in presumed gavelkind succession (they're still allied as same dynasty, so it's not all well) - I think that's because Khazaria is titular, so whatever the other son got was inherently non de jure? That's my best guess, normal gavelkind would keep him as high chief under his brother as king.

It might actually get awkward as my territories will definitely end up in multiple kingdoms, so any succession might end up splitting them. It's actually sort of tolerable, as I don't think I'll ever have the kind of money to convert them all to feudalism at once, so one branch of the family taking civilized south, and another branch of the family taking tribal north, while remaining allied, is actually a reasonable outcome.

Anyway, there's absolutely zero doubt what I'm going to do next - high chief of Kirghiz has 6 counties but only 3 of them provide any levies, and even that with big penalty as they're all Tengri and he's Manichean. It is not permanent war mode for me yet, as every use invasion CB costs me 500 prestige, but I think that yes, I'd like to double my territory cheaply. I have twice the army he has, higher martial, and Pechenegs won't help him as they just got totally screwed in their war - the biggest worry is really that someone will conquer them before I do.

I finally got a son, but his mother died in childbirth, so I had to get another concubine - some Khazar Tengri cruel wroth brave honest hedonist woman. I can imagine with traits like this it will be interesting...

And the babies kept popping, 2 sons and 3 daughters so far, and more on the way. My plan is to have absolutely no non-dynastic vassals at high chief or above if I can. Just make babies fast enough to keep up with my conquests.

I also lost proud - it doesn't really matter, it's just +6 free prestige / year. So far not one of the events for improving diplomacy fired in 5 years, making me wonder if that's bugged somehow maybe?

A huge pain in the ass I can already see is that they restricted which territory I can give to my heir (only stuff he'd inherit normally), which is total bullshit, as I just want to give each son one high chiefdom territory (without high chiefdom title for now, as I'm not a king yet, and I don't have that kind of money anyway), not try to avoid gavelkind.

A minor complication is that I'll need to move my capital to de jure Cumania... Anyway, let's wait with dividing spoils of war until the war is won.
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