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A friendly outgoing person who enjoys friends, family, and arts & crafts.
A friendly outgoing person who enjoys friends, family, and arts & crafts.

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Bonnie Eagle Craft Fair
I love craft fairs! And this year I was lucky enough to have one 3 minutes from my house. My husband and I managed to find a couple hours before we both had to work. This is the first time we had been to the local Craft Fair so we had no idea what to expect...

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My Father's House
My church gathered together to have a Workday. One day where we all clean and organize the church. Rooms that have been collecting donated books and clothes. Dusting lamps, painting walls, and washing the windows. Moving the chairs and vacuuming. And after ...

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Dwell or Swell
Esteem I've been down in the dumps guys! I need a pick me up. Usually yoga and some friend time can get me back on track. This time I just feel like I'm on a roll a coaster. While scrolling through Pinterest  I came across this artwork and immediately felt ...

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Blue Lipstick?
So this brings back memories! I was at the dollar store yesterday and found some matte blue lipstick. I got super excited because usually funky color lipsticks are color changing for kids. This one however was solid blue matte. I immediately wanted it. Whil...

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Just Arrived! July 16, I left the Boston Airport by bus to head back home. The ride there was a little sad but good to spend with a dear friend of mine. We talked about when we were younger, some of the silly things we did together, and some of hardships we...

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Love Letters?
Should I be writing Love Letters to a married woman? Let me explain. Recently a woman I am close with wrote me a letter, ultimately saying goodbye and that she could not take the struggle any longer. Her marriage has been rocky for several years now, she is...

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The Empowerment Plan
It started out as a project for a college class. Instructed to design and make something that would fill a need, Veronica Scott walked into a homeless shelter to go to a direct source. She spoke with homeless people and asked them what they needed most. Mos...

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Black Cap Mountain
Black Cap Mountain Hike Finally went on a real hike in Maine! Well, on the border of Maine and New Hampshire. A little past North Conway, New Hampshire are the White Mountains and some beautiful trails. Before work, a friend of mine drove us out to North Co...

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Love this idea. It is super sweet and would really put a sunny spot in someone's day. Check it out!
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