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Bill Gates jumps over chairs, Steve Ballmer throws chairs, and Clint Eastwood talks to chairs. There's an act in there somewhere.

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#SelfTracking #Web + #gameDev
I had to write this post because I really want to help G+ people with my tips, useful links and videos. Couple of weeks ago I signed up on a web page called iDoneThis.
It is a some kind of email service where you write each day what you have managed to do. For example:

- wrote a new post
- created 5 enemy sprites
- fixed that awful bug with collision in level 4 etc.

I find it very useful because it will keep you focused on your work. So, each day this site sends you an email asking what have you done today. When you reply them, it is saved on your calendar. Or you can go to your profile on iDoneThis and fill it there.

There is an option to export to a format that suits you like Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or as a plain text file.

So, I think this service is a great tool for game developers. Track your work and get your stuff done.


P.S. Don't forget to share this post. It is so useful and I know there are people that will use it for better productivity, just like I have it right now. This site is simple but it useful, in my case.

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A very "special" device was put on the student head to prevent cheating in exam. Simple, and yet effective.

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Ceiling Feynman sees everything. And he's pissed.

I'm tempted to stand outside the SD Convention Center with a cardboard sign that reads "Will give Google+ invites for Comic-Con badges".

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Very cool.
Angry bird math question!!

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I plan on attending the San Diego Android Developers Group meeting next Thursday.

I find G+ invite process a bit awkward. Is there a way to track who you've invited and their status? You shouldn't have to "handshake" with your invitee to figure out what's going on.
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