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I've uninstalled Flash on my Macs before, it makes the internet a liberating place. Unfortunately some hopeless websites still REQUIRE Flash so often it's an evil you can't do without...
So after 30 minutes of browsing without NoScript turned on, I learned that the Internet is a giant mass of auto-playing, pop-undering, browser-hijacking bullshit.

It's like marketing douchebags looked at MySpace in the early 2000s and said, "YES! DO THIS ON EVERY WEBSITE ONLY LOUDER AND MORE ANNOYING!"

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Epic Australian Comedy and it's for a good cause too.

So the Toyota 86 is made out to be a really fast sportscar, but it has a 2L 4cyl petrol engine and no turbo. Pfft. Mazda3 Diesel FTW ;)

Just found 'Conditional Formatting' & 'Colour Scales' in Excel. Highlight a list of numbers and it auto-background colours based on value!

...that click from the front load washer as it starts the cycle before you've realised you forgot to put something in there. #Damnit

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Brilliant technology, and such a simple concept! Such a promising idea, can't wait to see how this plays out.
Today's non-jokey science video: a jaw-dropping video about a camera that records a trillion frames per second, fast enough to see the passing of a laser pulse through a coke bottle.  Truly staggering...I still can't quite believe this is possible.  
Ramesh's home page is at

Does communication with space-bound devices such as Voyager and Curiosity travel at the speed of sound or the speed of light? I thought radio frequency transmissions travelled at the speed of sound, but everyone seems to measure the latency of the device in terms of light speed?

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Trying to find a replay video of the JPL control room during the Curiosity landing, and found this video that explains in detail how the landing worked.

Landing a 900Kg robot on the surface of a planet we've never walked on that's 562,000,000 kilometres away using a multiple stage automated lander. And dealing with latency so high that by the time we got word that it was on the surface, it had actually been there for a quarter of an hour.

It's just a ridiculous idea that's not out of place in a science fiction movie where we're expected to believe that somehow in the movies it's possible. Only these guys did it. It's truly incredible what can be achieved with focus, passion and a belief in your own capabilities.

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So apparently CNET tech writers can turn a few lines by Steve Wozniak into a whole article. What a waste of my time.
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