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I've been playing a lot with IndexedDB, and a tiny bit with Web Workers. Both here and in Windows 8. I'm glad I can start talking about it now.
IE10 Platform Preview 3 is now out with support for AppCache, Web Sockets, History API, Filee API, Drag & Drop, IndexedDB, Web Workers, Async and more.

Learn more here:

The interwebs seem slow, I though it was because everyone was downloading Windows 8; my wife says it's the new Twilight trailer.

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A couple of good Build sessions on JavaScript are "Using the Windows Runtime from JavaScript" with +Luke Hoban and "Introducing the Windows libraries for JavaScript" from Chris Tavares:

Just declared bankruptcy on my personal email. Wow, this Inbox Zero stuff is easy!

Sad panda seeing so many friends congregating at BUILD

Rocking out the workplace with some Beatles and +Scott Densmore today.

Sigh. My wife kept me up late because she just couldn't go to bed until we found out if Starbuck survived. (s1e5)

Oh dear, um, where was I hosting my DNS? Er, I might not be responding to emails for the next couple of days. :-P

I'm pretty sure my wife is the edge case for 'maximum number of tabs allowed in a browser'.

I think I've begun to understand why git users complain about branching in hg.
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