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Christina P. Kim
Data storyteller, marketer, newb golfer. Still can't explain SV to my parents:
Data storyteller, marketer, newb golfer. Still can't explain SV to my parents:


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Today is a big day for #triggit  and #facebookexchange  - we've just released the initial results of our campaign data for FBX, and the results are amazing. Read the results here:

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Best commencement speech I've heard yet.
This speech, by +Cory Booker, makes me feel so small

Small? Yes, small. I have done so little with so much. My family gave me so much. I have not faced the challenges Booker's family has. I have not held the body of a dying child, the way Booker has. I have not helped a community the way he has. 

We need more leaders like Cory. 

This inspires me to do more. A must watch.

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Awesome ideas for weddings and crafts at the +The Event Library.. love the crayon idea. :)
The easiest art project found on Pinterest. Line up crayons by color (leave out the browns and blacks), affix with tacky glue, and blow dry on low.

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Instagram for Android is finally here — which is welcome news for Android smartphone owners who waited patiently as Instagram’s iOS user base rose into the millions.

Will they be satisfied when they install Instagram for Android? We did a walkthrough of the new app in order to find out.

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Google+ finally has an official Google Ads Plus page!
Welcome to the Google Ads page on Google+! We have a lot to share about online advertising and our products - everything from AdWords, YouTube, Google Analytics, Mobile Ads, and more. We want to hear from you too, so tell us what you think! And remember to add us to your circles to get in on the conversation.

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If Google picked brackets based on search trends, the underdog would be this year's victor! Check out some cool stats from this AdAge article :)
The Marketer's Almanac for March Madness
Check out our post on +Advertising Age for a definitive data deep dive on this year's tournament. Here are some of our key findings:

Number of search results in Google search for "March Madness": 618 million

Percentage rise in Google search queries for "March Madness" -- week through Selection Sunday (M-Sun): 423%

Top 10 states, by search volume for "NCAA bracket": Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, West Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Montana

Top searches for school basketball jerseys, week through Selection Sunday: Baylor, Harvard, Duke, UNC, UMich, Syracuse, UConn, Marquette, Notre Dame, Georgetown

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Up to 89% of paid traffic to an advertiser's site is lost and not recovered by organic clicks when paid search ads are paused! Full study below, blog post here:
New Research: Updates to Search Ads Pause Study
In 2011, Google released a study called “Search Ads Pause” that showed the amount of search ad traffic that is incremental to traffic from an advertiser’s organic search results. On average, we found that 89% of paid traffic to an advertiser’s site is lost and not recovered by organic clicks when paid search ads were paused. In this updated study, we looked at three scenarios in addition to cases where ads were completely paused and found very interesting results!

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The Oscars is the Super Bowl for Hollywood.. post is loaded with stats and facts:
Oscar's Halo Effect
Our analysis of search trends during Oscar night shows which ads were blockbusters, which new movies are building buzz and the growing prevalence of mobile search.
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