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Black Diamond Solutions
Chicago IT Consulting Company and Implementation Firm with a Focus on Virtualization, Storage and Disaster Recovery.
Chicago IT Consulting Company and Implementation Firm with a Focus on Virtualization, Storage and Disaster Recovery.

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#CloudNews: "IT is constantly buried under extremely demanding business and operational objectives. A cloud-based #IT delivery model can speed up application development. It can also provide flexible environments to accommodate the unpredictable needs of the organization and its customers."

So why are many businesses taking only cautious steps towards #cloud? via CIO Online #CloudComputing

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#Virtualization: "Predictions can be tricky things, especially in the field of virtualization and #cloudcomputing, as everything changes so quickly, and innovation can come out of nowhere. For example, just a few years ago not many folks would've predicted the rapid ascent of containers, with virtual machines so firmly established as a core technology."

Take a look at what leading industry experts are expecting to see in 2015: via Virtualization Review #VDI #DaaS

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"If you’re working in IT, you’ve probably become a bit of a psychic. You know that you’ll soon be asked to wear many hats – if you haven’t been asked already. Your role is changing as information becomes the lifeblood of your company (and every company)..."

Enter "Tomorrow's IT Professional": via DataGravity

#ITProfessional #DataDetective #SecurityGuard #BusinessLeader #DataGovernance #DataAwareStorage

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"This level of #data growth, combined with its importance as a corporate asset, leads businesses to look at means of reducing the aggregate cost and complexity of storage while ensuring there is no compromise on #scaling of #capacity or the #performance demanded by the current and future #applications that call on that storage."

More 2015 #storage predictions via EMC:

#hybridcloud #datalakes #cloudcomputing #virtualization #storagetrends #infrastructure #ITtransformation

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#StorageNews: Virtualization has transformed the server market. #VMware, a #software company, overcame a number of obstacles, the biggest ones being initial performance and scaling limitations. Today, however, #virtualization is the fundamental building block for all #cloud infrastructures, private, public and hybrid.

Similar transformations are taking place at different levels in the #datacenter today but no area has been talked about more than #storage.

More via Information Age:

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Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in 2015. Happy New Year from the entire Black Diamond Solutions team!

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"When it comes to new #technology, business leaders don’t know what they don’t know. Therefore, it’s part of my innovation strategy to make all parts of the organization aware of new technologies that can improve business processes and bring in new customers. And why not?"

Computerworld’s annual Forecast survey of #IT executives shows that IT budgets are indeed continuing to make a nice recovery. Here’s a look at what IT leaders say is on tap for 2015:

#cloud #cloudcomputing #security #appdev #applications #wireless #mobile

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"There's a common thread in the news and trends that gripped us in 2014: despite the industry's best efforts, our data could not always be maintained. "Big data" was one of the year's top buzz phrases, maintaining its presence in our business decisions and conversations with colleagues, customers and partners."

Excellent post by #DataGravity's VP of Marketing, Jeff Boehm!

Check out the top #storage trends he expects will take shape in 2015:

#Data #BigData #DataAwareStorage #IT #Compliance #Security

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"Whether you're implementing a whole system refresh or adding to your existing #infrastructure, the trick is to ignore the hype, look at your business needs and make a decision based on cost, risk and anticipated growth."

More #storage news via IT Web:
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