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Golf Club Components & Custom Built Clubs at Affordable Prices
Golf Club Components & Custom Built Clubs at Affordable Prices

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Lamkin Grips on Sale - 36% Off! -
Buy Lamkin Golf Grips from Monark Golf at 36% off discounts rates and apart from this also choose all golf clubs components on hug discounts policy. To buy Aldila golf shaft online visit Monark Golf site link and choose your desire Lamkin Golf Grips.

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Aldila Shafts on Sale - 76% Off! - Monark Golf
Buy Aldila Golf Shafts from Monark Golf at 76% off discounts rates. Monark Golf now offers golf clubs components on hug discounts policy. To buy Aldila golf shaft online visit Monark Golf site link and choose your desire Golf Shaft.


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Exciting Drivers in new design were launched end of January and are now available as component heads as well as custom built clubs.
■Turbo Power Ti-1: This is the 3rd generation of our popular Ti-11 clubs. The expanded head profile promotes faster clubhead speed for more disance. Weights have been strategically placed low in the toe and heel increasing stability on miss hit shots, producing a more forgiving driver. The expanded front-to-back dimension and added back weight are moving the CG more rearward optimizing the launch angle and forgiveness. The new Ti-1 has a longer breadth (110 mm) and more shallow face (56) vs. the original Ti-11 driver.
■Turbo Power X-Heat: This driver has a more compact profile (106 mm face-to-back) but deep face design (60 mm). The deep face design increases forgiveness and promotes accuracy and distance. The deep face is designed for golfers seeking confidence off the tee. Matte gray top plate prevents unwanted glaring and promotes easy alignment. Matching X-Heat irons are available now. Matching X-Heat fairway woods and hybrids become available by end of February.
■Turbo Power Z-2.5: Wide face design and super long front-to-back dimension of 115 mm. Elongated head profile with added back weight position CG low and far for higher trajectory and reduced spin. A wider face (60 mm high) optimizes ball speed and provides consistency accross the entire hitting surface. Matching Z-2.5  fairway woods, hybrids and irons scheduled for Spring.

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The 2013 Turbo Power FBS 2.0 is the updated 2nd generation of our popular FBS franchise. In particular the oversized FBS fairway woods were selling very well in 2012. The new FBS 2.0 line of clubs is available now complete with driver, matching woods, matching hybrids and matching irons:
■FBS 2.0 driver features a deeper face (60 mm) and an extended front-to-back dimension (110 mm). Back weight was added moving the Center of Gravity more rearward to optimize the launch angle and forgiveness. The matte white top plate makes target alinment easy and let the head appear larger boosting confidence at address.
■FBS 2.0 fairway woods and hybrids feature a recessed slot on sole plate along hitting face promoting high launch for more distance.
■FBS 2.0 irons feature an enlarged cavity in a compact head profile with a thin top line to relocate the CG lowers. #3 Iron to PW: Deep cavity with undercut channel for increased forgiveness and stability. AW, SW, LW: Blade design with thin top line and undercut chanel substantially lower the CG location promoting higher launching shots. In particular the AW is selling well since launch. The new FBS 2.0 irons are a true blend of the feel pros demand and the explosive distance amateurs crave.
■Available now as club components for your own club building as well as custom-built clubs.

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The new Heater BMT line of clubs is available now complete with driver, matching woods, hybrids and matching irons.
■BMT driver features cup face technology increasing the effective hitting face and sweet spot for improved forgiveness. Driver head features elongated profile with a face-to-rear dimension of 113 mm.
■BMT fairway woods and hybrids feature a recessed slot on sole plate along hitting face promoting high launch for more distance.
■BMT irons feature different head styles in one set: #3-7 Irons deep cavity back with power slot. #8-PW cavity back design. AW, SW and LW are blade design with thin top line and low CG to get the ball easily airborne.
■Available now as club components for your own club building as well as custom-built clubs.

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If you want to get a kid or teenager familiar with the game of golf without making the entire process too serious to handle, a fun way would be buying h and accessories to help the youngster get initiated into the game. Bearing cute designs of the Japanese bobtail cat with a side of its head being adorned by a red bow, these golf gears are sure to be a hit with kids and ladies.
Available for golf enthusiasts as young as 3 to 5 years of age, to those belonging to the 6-8 years’ age group and above, these putter sets come with lighter club heads with more flexible shafts, which help the beginner players get the ball up in the air easily. Apart from putters and clubs, these Hello Kitty golf putter sets come loaded with Hello Kitty accessories, putter heads, driver and fairway wood headcovers etc, which are vibrant and fun to possess.
The ladies’ set available in pink-white and red-white colors is a big hit with the fairer sex, who can tee off in style by pulling out a Hello Kitty golf putter! In the male- dominated world of golfing, some women welcome the Hello Kitty sets that let them make their presence felt on the turf with a fun quotient to boot.
When it comes to selecting Hello Kitty golf merchandise, you have a wide variety to take your pick from. For example, you can buy mix-and-match mallet style covers for your putter heads, which have the character of Hello Kitty sitting atop the cover. As they come with a magnetic closure and fit into most mallet style putters, you can easily invest in these products to step forward as a self declared Hello Kitty fan.
Starting from junior sets and full ladies’ sets to putter heads, headcovers, accessories, ball markers, divot tools, balls and much more – you can get a diverse range of Hello Kitty golf products and accessories to make golfing fun and interesting.
For all those who think golf to be an arena of serious people, Hello Kitty fans can break the myth and add some fun and style quotient by showing off such golf products and accessories. With striking details, cute and plush designs, and a variety of color choices, the Hello Kitty golfing line can truly add some character to the game. Though preferred mostly by kids and ladies, this line is slowly getting recognition in the male bastion too. Though not many would imagine a man with Hello Kitty accessories to be a serious player of golf, imagine what would happen when you hit that hole-in-one!
So, get your Hello Kitty golfing products to bring some fun on the turf.

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Lamkin is launching a new line of grips for 2013: The new ACE Advanced Cohesive Elastormer material grips.
The new Advanced Cohesive Elastomer (ACE) material is a new super-tacky rubber material providing golfers with an unsurpassed level of gripping confidence. Combined with the properties of Lamkin's patent-pending 3GEN technology, the ACE compound is not only super-tacky, but offers superior shock-absorption and exceptional durability.
The new ACE material will be available in the Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN grips and Crossline ACE 3GEN grips. The new Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN grips will replace the Perma-Wrap and Perma-Wrap Classic families whereas the Crossline ACE 3GEN will not replace any current Crossline models:
■Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN: The incredible tackiness of Perma-Wrap ACE is accentuated by a minimal, simulated wrap texture and a unique unbuffed surface finish, making it one of the tackiest grips on the market. The amplified surface tack of Perma-Wrap ACE 3GEN provides golfers with an increased  gripping stability to promote a tension-free swing. Available in Standard (black, gray, white), Midsize (black) and Oversize (black). Standard available in October 2012, Midsize in December and Oversize in January 2013.
■Crossline ACE 3GEN: The enhanced surface tack, combined with the high-traction Crossline texture, provides golfers with an incredibly secure grip connection. Because the gripping stability is delivered through the grip material and texture, golfers are able to use the light, tension-free pressure necessary for optimizing swing speed and shot distance. The 3GEN performance advantage delivers unmatched vibration dampening and superior durability. The Crossline ACE 3GEN is ideal for golfers demanding a super tacky, shock-absorbant grip with high-traction surface texture, providing slip-free condifence in all weather conditions. Available in Standard, Midsize and Oversize for club fitting; all sizes available in October 2012.
For further details

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Monark Golf is stocking up a wide range of Super Stroke putter grips.
First known as the Fat putter grip used to win 3 PGA Tour events, SuperStroke has become known as a revolutionary, putting technology that helps keep your hands relaxed while putting. The original “Fatso” grip was named PGA Show Product of the Year in 2002 and became the #1 Jumbo Putter Grip on the PGA Tour. Here are the benefits:
■Lightest Jumbo Grips on the Market – weighing in at 85 grams, the SuperStroke Lite Fatso is the biggest and lightest of its kind in terms of weight to size ratio. With this design, the grip is 300% larger than a standard sized putter grip, creating one of the only jumbo grips that will not drastically change the swing-weight of a putter.
■Multi-Material Construction – SuperStroke’s Proprietary Polyurethane is fused with a patented foam underlisting, making for a long lasting and extremely shock absorbent and comfortable setup. A dimpled, non-slip surface combines extreme tackiness and feel keeps hands from slipping even in the wettest conditions.
■SuperStroke has the versatility to offer three choices of flat-side positions to suit the preferences of any and all golfers.
■SuperStroke offers the size and surface area necessary to ensure relaxed hands and all the benefits that result.
■Patented, virtually taper-free design that evenly distributes grip pressure between the right and left hands for sensitivity and stability.
■New Slip-On Design: The new SuperStroke putter grips have a traditional installation process. Simply use double-sided tape and grip solvent to apply.
We stock up the entire line of Super Stroke putter grips:
■Fatso: 10.5 inches long, 1.67 inches in diameter, 85 gram.
■Slim Lite: 10.5 inches long, 1.3 inches in diameter, 55 gram.
■Ultra Slim: 10.5 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, 60 gram.
■Belly 17" Lite: 17 inches long, 1.3 inches in diameter, 85 gram.
■Belly 21": 21 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, 145 gram.
■Split: 5 and 12 inches long, 1 inch in diameter, 85 gram.
Available online

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Monark Golf is offering now a killer deal on popular Lamkin Perma Wrap grips:
■Lamkin Perma Wrap Classic White 3GEN material Men's size, was $4.99, now only $1.89 = save 62%
■Lamkin Perma Wrap Oversize (+3/32"), was $4.29, now only $1.59 = save 63%.
available online at Stock-up and Save now.

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Monark Golf is offering now popular Winn Grips at rock bottom prices, offering you huge savings:
■Winn Lite Soft Hero Mens Size, was $7.49, now $3.79, save 49%
■Winn Lite Soft Hero Midsize (+1/16"), was $7.99, now $3.99 , save 50%
■Winn Xi-7 Black/Red Mens Size, was $5.99, now $3.79, save 37%
■Winn Xi-7 Black/Blue Midsize (+1/16"), was $6.39, now $3.99, save 38%
■Winn DuraSoft DSI Oversize (+1/8") Black, was $7.99, now $4.39, save 44%
for further details, visit
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