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Web & Design for FXI in Media, PA.
Web & Design for FXI in Media, PA.

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When designing anything remember who owns the copyright to a photo. Scraping through the internet and grabbing something from Image Search or a website is a no no, which the Washington Post learned about recently:

The safest course of action is either purchasing a stock photo or taking the photo yourself. If you're stuck on a particular 'look' or image and you cannot obtain copyright then change it significantly enough to make it 'artwork'. This is legal gray area but if you take say... a photo of a car and apply Photoshop filters to it, change the color, add a wheel and the shape of the front window, it is now ART and not violating anyone's intellectual property.

I wanted to do a blog post of the new Google Analtyics system I created to present multiple web properties to Directors and VP's with little tech background. Unfortunately it's a lot to go into and I keep getting side tracked with important projects.

The gist of it is that instead of writing a word .doc summary and presenting a number of spreadsheets I've created a set of linked power point presentations. Using the existing graph options you can input your data in a visual way and then link out of that document to spreadsheets of raw data. Placing the same brief summary in the power point helps keep relevant analysis close to granular data.

The tricky part is knowing what data is most important to the VP and also letting him know the stuff they've 'missed' through your own analysis. The main factors I concentrate on are: Traffic (visibility), Engagement (activity types), Goals/Sales (debit/credit), Issues/Problems and Next Steps for improvement.

Each web property gets a power point summary of data and analysis and then there is an Overview powerpoint that gives the broadest possible business objectives for all web properties, linking to other pp and deep linking to spreadsheet data. So your files will look like a website but all you need to do is open the Overview and that will navigate you to all the information you need. Once the template is setup it takes about an hour to input data and about 2 hours of 'general/basic' analysis. Apply monthly.

If you're interested in seeing the file layout message me and I'll send you my blank template.

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Data Highlighter is a new and important development from Google.  You could add 'rich data snippets' to your webpages (manually) for a while now, but this tool lets you do it via Webmaster Tools.

What is the benefit?  When people do a search for your event, this ads additional information to their search results, making it far more informative and dynamic.  Watch the video and try it out, it requires ZERO coding knowledge.

Sorry I've been super busy with a new project that just landed on me. Templates and design work and migrating three websites at once! woo!

Whew! Busy week, re-development, meetings, new logos, microsites, migrating hosts, analytics and more to come for the Vegas Market in Jan.

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15 years ago I was a painter and Bob Ross was someone I was in awe of.  Even after learning his techniques, he was a master at applying them, making everything look effortless.  Not only was he a good painter though, he was a good person who believed in others and himself.  Here is a great tribute to a great man: 

1st of the month, it's time to pull down the analytic data, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Insights, Twitter and categorize it into broad chunks:  Source, Traffic, Keyword, Device, Campaigns

Once that's done we step into the roll of analyst:
1) Are there any obvious trends?  Mark them off of detailed analysis tomorrow.
2) Did we meet established goals?
3) Are there any problems or strange anomalies?
4) Compile summary findings and combine with detailed analysis tomorrow.

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This article talked me into it, I now officially care what Bing things of our website.  You may not feel this way but the new Webmaster Tools are great and also an insight into what Google doesn't tell you. 

If you don't have any kind of Webmaster Tools keeping you informed about your website then you're operating in the dark.  Google Analytics + Webmaster Tools + Insights = Knowledge.

Last night Maya (my daughter) and I talked about 'perspective', she's 5. "You are the only one who can look through those eyes (point at her face). This means you are the only one who can tell Mom and Dad what you see. That's important."

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It raises an interesting question, would it help things if government would stop trying to pass any kind of law on the internet for two years?  Great for protecting individual rights or damning to people who fall victim to loop holes?
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