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I painted  a smexy android!
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I am painting a lot lately . . . Getting ready for ArtsWalk in Olympia, later this month.
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Dan Bennett

All thing sci fi  - 
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I am a geek I say it loud and proud!
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This a teaser of my next painting.
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I am nearly finished a 2x3 painting of a cone/spindle shaped spaceship. I'll post it in a few days. I am pretty happy with it.
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Will be looking forward to seeing that one x
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I painted another painting. Here are two shots. Daylight and midnight.
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+Dennis Costea Jr Thank you!
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Dan Bennett

commented on a video on YouTube.
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One of my faves!
I was reading about the massive wars in the EVE game. Then I found this ship size comparison. Very cool and well done.
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But no one died.
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My latest painting: Talon
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+Eric W. Johnson The canvas is 2x3. I usually paint on 16x20. The larger size offers me the opportunity to give it the detail I am so fond of, that is so much more difficult with a smaller surface.
There are more coming in the following months.
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I painted some more paintings that glow in the dark. The Dr. Who was a commission. And there is a couple more coming next week.
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+Stephen Thorley Thank you!
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Videography, Non-linear video editing, teaching, Astronomy, Fine art (oils, acrylic, canvas) all of the sciences, generally, and Mental health.
Art and science, baby!
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