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Tanith Hood
The life, loves and ramblings of a twenty three year old!
The life, loves and ramblings of a twenty three year old!


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Sunday Stuff: Edition Two
It's been a lovely weekend. The weather not so much.... but I guess we can forgive that. It is autumn after all. After a standard 'wild' Friday night spent food shopping cleaning and hitting the gym (I did say it was wild), I'm happy to announce that the we...

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It's OK to Be You
People are all very different. Some feel the desire to
constantly surround themselves with others, having huge friendship groups and
giving off a glowing appearance of extroversion. Others like spending time
alone, associating themselves with a very small a...

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Bath & Body Works Goodness
Bath & Body Works' hand sanitisers are the best things ever. No lie. I always love to pop one in my bag because you just never know when you're going to need it.  The thing I love most about the Bath & Body Works sanitisers in particular is the scent. Not o...

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Soak Your Troubles Away
Until recently I hadn't made a trip to Lush for months (criminal I know)! When the warmer months arrive having a long soak in the bath just doesn't seem appealing.... but since the colder weather and darker nights are beginning to make an appearance here in...

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Lovely Lanzarote
Back at the beginning of July, myself and my mom went on a wonderful break to Lanzarote. Writing this post from within the madness of a working week, its hard to remember how it felt to be relaxed in the glorious sunshine! I would like to spend my time writ...

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Sunday Stuff
For me personally, Sunday is a bit of a weird day filled with anxieties and preparations for the week ahead. It can sometimes feel like a wasted day spent waiting for Monday to roll round once again. It's a a real pity... but I'm sure I'm not the only perso...

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Don't Forget the SPF
As a pasty human, I know the importance of using an SPF. All too many times I've been burnt by the sun's harsh rays... and it just isn't worth it. Not only does sunburn hurt like hell, leaving you feeling extremely uncomfortable, but it can also cause serio...

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Simple Summer Pieces
In under two weeks I'll be sunning myself in Lanzarote. I'm so excited!  I haven't had a 'relax by the pool in the sun' type holiday since 2008 (yes, 2008) so it feels very much needed right now, particularly after a busy couple of months at work.  Me and m...

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Let's Try My Protein
A couple of years back whilst going to the gym very regularly, I bought myself some of the Protein World Slender Blend to help my muscles recover after exercising. As well as post exercising, I got really into having a vanilla shake with some oats and banan...

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Exploring Cornwall
I've been to Cornwall more times than I can count. Every year since I was about eleven, we've made the journey south to see quaint towns and stunning beaches. So writing a post named 'exploring Cornwall' seems somewhat strange when I feel I know it so well....
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