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The Official G+ Page of RetroGaming Radio

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Ready to touch map your usb controller to your favorite "touch only" Android game?  We used to do it with USB Joystick Center - but Google broke BlueTooth in Android 4.1+.

This does the trick.  All the way up to KitKat.

See me map my Nyko Playpad Pro to play Contra Evolution!

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Let's try making this a public event.  Hopefully everyone behaves with the photos :)
This year the show is dedicated to the SX-64.

Meet other Commodore and Amiga enthusiasts. See demos and presentations on and about the Commodore 128, Commodore 64, Plus/4, DTV, VIC-20, PET, and Amiga. Come and present your own Commodore projects. Find those hard-to-find goodies at the vendor tables. And of course, see exciting Las Vegas, the city of lights in the desert!

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RetroGaming Radio listeners!  I'll be attending Commodore Vegas Expo this year in Las Vegas on July 27th and 28th!

Bring your RGR DVD/CD sets and I'll personalize autographs for all attendees.

I'll have a handful of RGR DVDs to sell as well.

I will be setting up a Google Event for media coverage - uploading pictures and videos!  Stay tuned for more!

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I have added a commenting system to RGR's show details page.  Feel free to add yours!

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RetroGaming Radio - new episode is out NOW!  This month, the C64 Anniversary continues - covering the SOFTWARE that makes this 8-Bit so great!  Plus, new Bits & Bytes.

#RetroGamingRadio   #Commodore64  

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The new show is on the syndicate, but I'm having hosting problems so it won't be on the website until later.

Here is the syndicate feed:

Here is a direct link until the site is updated.

Patience ...

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Anyone with an iOS device want to check out my mobile version of the RetroGaming Radio site?

I'm mostly interested to see which (if any) of the players will actually play an episode in the browser.

Works great on Android, but it would be nice to know which one works on iOS.


Yes the show is a couple months behind.  Should probably tell you what I'm up to.

First, I have the next show pretty much done; just gotta do the last bits of combining the parts, normalizing, upload and we're good.  When it comes to talking about the C64, I'm particular - so I work extra hard on these.

Second, I've been exploring a new means of getting the archived shows out there; Google Play.  RetroGaming Radio Year 6 is now fully available on Google Play story for $1 per episode.  The sucky part is - I cannot add TRACK or ALBUM information per se - so you don't know what each show deals with.  There are other little issues, but this is an experiment.  Each show can be PREVIEWED for the first minute - where I usually do a show preview - it isn't perfect, but it is what I got.

Third, myself and Alex have been busting ass getting all the metadata for the new shows in line with the classic show data.  The classic shows are very metadate driven, while the new shows used text file descriptors to control the HTML5 player playback.  It was a lot of work (and we're not completely done) but if you go to the site, and hit the Classic or New Archives?  You'll see a HUGE difference.  All of this took a pain in the ass update to the website and database crap.  Thanks to Google opening up the Google Drive API - I'll be adding "Save to Google Drive" links to all the shows; so you can transfer them to your Drive for later consumption.

Finally, my time has been at a premium; new job, more commitments to martial arts, etc.  I'm doing my best to squeeze EVERYTHING in.  Bear with me.  We'll get back in the rhythm soon enough.

In the meantime, keep your eyes on Google+'s page and Twitter for instant updates on what little things I keep adding to the Monroeworld universe. 

I guess that's it.  Gotta get some sleep :)
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