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Audi S6 Avant
Audi S6 Avant Avant means estate and estate means boring, thus Audi S6 is boring
according to this assumption. But this is a theoretical assumption that
does not represent the real world condition. Audi S6 Avant is not
boring and it is an estate. This...

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BMW Used Cars X5
BMW X5 used cars Even thou this SUV look's small in size, I found them to be spacious
with good leg room. The interior on The X5 is excellent. The X5 comes
with high-end leather seats that are very comfortable to sit in. It has
wood trim on the sides, da...

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Lamborghini Gallardo
New Lamborghini Gallardo Consumers traditionally have a "love/hate" relationship with Lamborghini . Either you love them, or you hate them. Rarely is there any middle ground. The New Lamborghini Gallardo is no exception. The car debuted at the Geneva auto s...

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Cadillac CTS 3.6L Premium Collection
EDITOR WES RAYNAL : This 2014 Cadillac CTS three.6L Premium Collection drives
like a massive ATS, and I indicate that as a compliment. This vehicle proves
Cadillac continues to be on a roll. For starters, it seems to be terrific.
Prolonged, minimal and crea...

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BMW i3
We are looking to add a new BMW to our family and have been very
interested in the BMW i3 to act as a family shuttle around town. We,
however, have a unique requirement for our future family vehicle. My
daughter plays the Bass in orchestra at school, so ...

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Pontiac to restart production of all models Later This Year 2014
If you’ve
ever driven one, then you know: Pontiac didn’t make any ordinary vehicles. It
made extraordinary rides that aren’t just metal, glass and rubber… but rides
that have emotion.   And lasting designs
that still resonate in today’s automotive world. It...

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Exagon Furtive-eGT electric supercar ready for production
he Furtive-eGT
has been around in concept form since 2010 and a few may even have been
delivered, but now Exagon appears ready to go into serial production.  The Exagon Furtive eGT electric supercar is powered by a pair of 300 kW
Siemens electric motors ...

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Shelby GT500 design
Shelby GT500 now gives customers a
selectable steering option that tailors the driving experience to fit
their needs. With a choice of three settings, the feature allows the
customer to select the steering effort depending on his or her style of

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Nissan Juke , " Batman " Style
Nissan has brought to the LA Auto Show 2012 a new wind called Dark Knight Rises Nismo Juke inspired by classic movie Batman. It seems that the movement of the car Batman-style flourishes, the first
teen star Justin Bieber with Cadillac Escalade Batman styl...

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Kia Cross GT Concept at Chicago
Design combines beauty and elegance of the GT concept and features of a crossover, Kia Cross GT looks aggressive and charm that expect for a luxury car in the future. In addition,with the new Forte 5-door, Kia chose the Chicago Motor Show (U.S.) is the star...
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